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RECOILtv Training Tuneups: Stable Shooting Platform in the Field


Ever been big game hunting, and after glassing your dream game, you realize that you may need to improvise a stable shooting platform in the field? When seconds count, you want to have a game plan for setting up that perfect shot and Eric Lund of Outdoor Solutions thought of just that scenario. Lund has an elegant, yet simple solution to ensuring a steady base before taking that critical shot.

Thinking outside the box, here’s how Eric builds a simple and solid position using gear that he already has handy in the field. First, from the sitting position, he sits his pack in an upright position and places the bipod of his rifle onto the top of the pack. This allows him to support the front end of the rifle. Eric then uses one of the legs of the tripod for his spotting scope to support the back of the rifle. He does this by making a “V” with his hand, grabbing the tripod leg, sitting the base of the rifle down into that “V”, and then using his thumb to pinch the rifle stock against the leg of the tripod. Once steady, Eric can get on the rifle and slide the stock up and down the tripod leg to adjust his elevation.

With nothing more than his shooting bag and spotting scope setups, Lund is able to guarantee a rock steady sight picture when setting up on the game of a lifetime. Be sure to stay tuned to RECOILtv to catch all of the training tips you need plus tons of other content.

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