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RECOILtv Training Tuneups Video: Disarming a Shooter With Steve Tarani

RECOILtv Training Tuneups (s01e07): Disarming a Shooter With Steve Tarani

Who knew a blade could be so effective at disarming an assailant. Steve Tarani makes it look oh so simple. Watch him demonstrate techniques to disarm and disable a shooter with a holstered and unholstered pistol. He then shows us techniques for taking out a bad guy with a long gun, be it a rifle or shotgun. Makes you want to invest in one of his signature Karambits, doesn't it? We certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the sort of damage he shows you how to inflict. But hey, if you're in a situation where someone's decided they want to harm everyone else because their life sucks, you'll be better prepared to take action and save lives. Watch it all right here on RECOILtv.

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