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Recover Tactical- New Grip and Rail Adapter

Recover Tactical is an Israel-based company that provides 1911 pistol grips. Their newest grip is the CC3 2-in-1; it includes a rail adapter. It  was created by firearms engineer and industrial designer Tamir Porat. Porat – you may remember him from the IDF's Tavor – has over 15 years experience in the defense industry in a wide variety of design areas (riot control tools, vehicles, small arms, etc.).  According to Recover Tactical, “The CC3 offers an incredible value for gun owners who want to add a rail to their 1911 but don't want to buy a new gun”. Recover Tactical advises the grip is easy to assemble without a gunsmith and that it can be done in less than three minutes. It's made of a polymer they say will not scratch your gun nor affect the overall weight or thickness. The CC3 2-in-1 is available in desert sand, olive drab and black. You can learn more about these grips and watch for new products on Recover Tactical’s website, Facebook page, or YouTube page.

Recover Tactical Grip 2

Recover Tactical Grip 3

Recover Tactical Grip

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