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Red Bloods – a whole different kind of graphic novel.

After a financial collapse orchestrated by a foreign power, the US is in turmoil and the government helpless. With a hostile team inserted on US soil to finish the job, a small group of Patriots have risen to the challenge. They are a team of former “black operation” specialists with a diverse and lethal skill set. They bring to bear the power of the Red Bloods, and they are America's only hope.

You may have already caught glimpses of, or heard about, Red Bloods. It's a whole different graphic novel…er, “photo composite comic series.” Built with the astonishing photographic sorcery of Jason Swarr's Straight 8 Photography, Red Bloods stars (among others) the same dodgy Englishman who edits RECOIL Magazine (Iain Harrison). There's even a cameo by Zoltan Bathory (of Five Finger Death Punch) and a US Senator played by some guy who looks like he might be Benjamin Grimm's fraternal twin.

Red Bloods will be debuting at SHOT Show, where 3,000 hard copies will be handed out by some of those involved. We'll show you more soon. Meanwhile here's a couple more looks at what's inside (forgive any lack of resolution, these are quick and dirty screen shots).



You can find out more on the website,, or on the Straight 8 Custom Photography Facebook page.

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