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Remington TAC-13 on RECOILtv’s Gun Room


Editor's Note: This video depicts a very advanced skill requiring movements that are calibrated to a fraction of a second. The post-ignition push technique isn't one that you can simply go to the range and master immediately, effective application of the skill comes with a lot of experience and practice. We recommend learning and practicing the fundamentals of shooting before applying advanced techniques.

RECOILtv Gun Room: Remington TAC-13

In this installment of Gun Room, we join RECOIL's Dave Merrill and professional shooter Kamryn Carroll as they take us through some serious boomsticks at the Bullet Ranch. The Remington TAC-13 is a nubby little semi-auto shotgun that packs some serious power. With a slightly modified version, watch as Carroll takes us through the push-pull technique of managing recoil effectively with a 12-gauge shotgun, and lets Merrill put it to the test.

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