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Keep them toes warm – and do it by remote control

Here's something to pick up before the next polar vortex. Apparently the ThermaCell Heated Insole is a tool that you can slip into virtually any shoe and then use to control the temperature of your feet – with just the push of a button on the “high-frequency remote control”. That's going to save even more labor than the remote control for a car stereo.

A pair of ThermaCell Heated Insoles has three heat settings- no heat, medium heat (100 degrees F) and high heat (110 degrees F). They are designed to temporarily turn off when they reach the set temperature and turn back on when the temperature drops (a sort of thermostat-like function). This is intended to keep your foot from sweating, which of course actually cause your feet to get colder. They can be used hiking, bicycling, hunting, ice fishing, shoveling snow off your sidewalk, trekking across a the frozen wastelands of North America or maybe just keeping your toes toasty in your slippers when walking around the kitchen in the morning.  

Heated Insoles in the snow

There are five sizes available – small, medium, large, X large, XX large. They're described as durable and waterproof. The battery can be used up to five hours continuously on medium, or when used in sessions can last much longer. When you purchase the heated insoles, a remote control battery and a charger will be included, and car chargers are also available. To learn more about the heated insoles, or to find where you can purchase your own, you can visit ThermaCell’s website here. Better yet, you can visit their YouTube page here to watch videos about the insoles, how they work, and instructions on how to use them. 

Heated Insoles Inner workings

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Heated Insole break down

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