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Renaissance Mom Julie Golob shares some tips from the IDPA Indoor Nationals

Julie Golob – whom you no doubt read about in the most recent issue of RECOIL! – has a tip posted in a new video she's linked on her blog.

“Stages with multiple moving targets and unique starts can be especially challenging for competitors. Looking for ways to take advantage of target exposure timing based on your own ability level can help you shoot your best. In this tip I’m analyzing the US Coast Guard Academy’s Mike’s Blind stage with my S&W M&P Pro Series 9mm. You’ll get to watch the best in the biz shoot through the stage in the main match and then, in my break down, you’ll get first person perspective along with advice on how to shoot the stage efficiently.” Julie Golob

Go over and read what she has to say, then watch the IDPA breakdown.

Don't forget there are over a dozen excerpts from what's in Issue 12 on the preview page: h ttp://

Renaissance Mom Julie Golob

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