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Gadget Fu – Renovo MUV Adaptable Water Filter

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Clean water is a necessity for campers, survivalist enthusiasts, home owners…pretty much anybody. In a survival scenario, clean water is paramount to your success or downfall. True, boiling water correctly will remove many organisms that can harm you, but that takes time and a proper fire. What if you don’t have a source for ignition? What if everything is soaked with water and you’re already dehydrated? Additionally, how will you remove the unknown chemicals and heavy metals that may be lurking unbeknownst to you in that stream? It would just be easier to have an all-in-one filtration system that will seamlessly clean your water for you with no hassle; which is exactly what the MUV provides.

The MUV adaptable water filter isn’t just for the adventurer, however, it can easily be used at home to remove that annoying chlorine taste or any heavy metals you may have. An easy, versatile water filtration device (or so it appears anyway), the MUV adapts to you for whatever you may need in any situation.

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Renovo MUV Adaptable Water Filter

MUV is an adaptable water filter that gives you protection from contaminants in municipal water as well as all the way up to virus and bacteria protection in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. Using modular technology that works with a water bottle, hydration reservoir, as a straw, or as a gravity filter you get clean water anytime, anywhere.
The MUV is made up of three parts:

MUV 1 section is at the bottom and contains activated carbon fiber. Unlike traditional activated carbon in granular form this fiber is 10x more absorbent and allows a faster flow rate. It will remove chemicals, heavy metals, negatives tastes and can filter up to 150 gallons.

MUV 2 is in the middle and it is made up of tiny hollow tubes with a porous membrane. This prevents parasites and bacteria from slipping through as its concept is based on size exclusion – water can go through but not the larger particles. It will remove bacteria (E.coli, Cholera, typhoid etc.), protozoa (cryptosporidium), and parasites (giardia) and can filter up to 100,000 gallons.

MUV 3 contains nanalum which was developed by NASA to reuse waste water. Nanalum works by electro-absorption and manufactured with non-woven, highly engineered water filter paper impregnated with Granular activated Carbon. When wet, it has a strong, positive charge like a magnet which attracts and traps organic contaminants. It can remove viruses (Hepatitis A and E, poliovirus, meningitis, etc.), bacteria, protozoa, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and negative tastes and can filter up to 90 gallons.



Most water filters remove only one kind of particulate. MUV not only removes 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, but also allows you to change the filter modules for your specific water needs. If you are getting water from your tap at home in North America, you don’t need to be concerned about viruses being in your water. What you may find in your tap water is chlorine and metals. In this case you don’t need to use the MUV 3 module that removes viruses, or the MUV 2 that removes bacteria, but you would want to use the MUV 1 module that removes chemicals and metals.


To learn more about this awesome product, check out their Kickstarter page, website, Facebook, or Twitter account, or give them a follow on Instagram.

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