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ReplayXD Day At The Range

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Photos by Steven Kuo and Weapon Outfitters

In Issue 22, we got an exclusive first look at the new 9mm KRISS Vector. We shot it at ReplayXD’s Day at the Range event, hosted by 295 Tactical in Eugene, Oregon. ReplayXD brought together a number of companies and individuals to check out new products and go hot with them. We coordinated with KRISS for them to bring out prototypes of their new 9mm Vector to the event for us to review and for other shooters to try out. So, we wanted to share with you video from the event as well as more details about it and a bunch of photos — and to promise more from SHOT Show 2016.

Replay XD

Unless you’re a luddite without internet access getting your entertainment from traveling puppet shows, you’ve surely watched video filmed with a point-of-view camera. Also referred to as action cameras or helmet cameras, they’re versatile, compact, high definition video cameras that can easily be worn or attached to any manner of objects. They can generate jaw-dropping footage from all sorts of crazy angles and make you look like a bad ass with a cool Call of Duty first person shooter perspective.


Much of the RECOIL readership might subscribe to the old adage, “A golf course is a waste of a perfectly good rifle range.” But there is something we shooters can learn from our fellow golfers — the benefit of videotaping yourself to diagnose and improve your technique. These cameras can be a great help. For a competitive shooter, a point-of-view camera can help you evaluate how you shot a stage, from your stage strategy to movement and technique. Combined with a buddy filming you to give you a view of your whole body and what you were doing, you’ll have invaluable material to review. But while you might not always have a filming buddy, you can always wear a camera to capture the action. This is also a benefit when taking training courses (assuming your instructor doesn’t mind) — you can capture video to review later while giving your full attention to the task at hand. Applications for hunting, law enforcement, and military are pretty self-evident as well. Or just simply have fun, make some cool videos, and become the next YouTube sensation!


Replay XD makes the Prime X, a point-of-view action video camera system. While the most well known POV camera is shaped like a stack of Post-It notes in a glistening clear plastic case, the Replay XD cameras are black anodized aluminum cylinders, like a small tactical flashlight. And which would you rather have perched on your firearm or helmet? The Replay XD’s form factor lends itself exceedingly well to shooting applications. In fact, our own HMFIC Iain Harrison took a bunch with him on his Alaskan hunt — stay tuned for more on that.

At just 3.5 ounces, the Prime X is extremely compact and light, generating sharp video output in 1080P at up to 60 fps or 720P up to 120 fps (and some other formats as well). Fields of view range from narrow at 70 deg to wide at 116 deg or super wide at 140 deg. The camera is solidly constructed from aluminum and will impress you with its precision construction — it’s mil-spec anodized and very robust with o-ring seals that are waterproof to 10 feet.

Replay-Mount Replay-Mounted

Replay provides lowboy and tilt adhesive mounts. The camera rotates within the mounts, so you can adjust it to avoid canted video. Replay also offers a variety of accessories and mounts, including a very solid Picatinny mount. It looks totally at home on your weapon, just like a small tactical flashlight, and due to its offset design you can mount it on the top, side or bottom rails. An audio adapter allows you to attach an external microphone as well.

The camera beeps and vibrates to give feedback when you turn it on or off and start or stop recording. There are multi-colored LEDs and buttons on the back of the camera to change settings. That can be a bit fiddly, so an iOS or Android app makes it easy to change settings as well as view and frame your shot.

Burt-Jenner Target-DFI

295 Tactical

295 Tactical is a training company with a facility in Eugene, OR. The owner is Donnie Myers, a former Oregon police officer who served on the SWAT and narcotics teams.


They were wonderful hosts for the ReplayXD Day at the Range, putting on a great two-day event.

295-Tactical-Range Replay-Truck

Kriss Vector

For more on the new 9mm Kriss Vector, check out Issue 22In the meantime, here’s some full-auto bad assery:



KRISS-Rock-n-Roll-3 KRISS-Rock-n-Roll-4

Playing in the Dark

We also spent time doing low-light exercises with the cadre from Defensive Firearms Instruction. Crimson Trace brought a bunch of their lights and lasers, including new models with green lasers designed for the Glock 42 and 43. If you’ve never trained and practiced with your firearms at nighttime, you really owe it to yourself to do so. As they say, it’s a whole ‘nuther ball game when the sun goes down. Lights are crucial tools in low light, to be able to properly identify and acquire targets. And lasers — well, you just need to try one, and then you’ll see what a huge difference they make in being able to shoot effectively at night.

KRISS-Laser Laser-CT

Also really effective at night and in low-light conditions were the big dot sights from XS Sights, which feature a giant front dot with a tritium inserts and a single reference on the rear sight (a vertical line). Many trainers advise that a traditional three dot setup, with a single dot in the front sight and two dots on the rear sight on either side of the notch, can be confusing when used under stress at night. With the XS Sights, you just dot the “i” — simply put the dot on top of the line.

XS-Sights KRISS-Laser-2


Also in attendance were our friends from SHWAT, Special Hunting Weapons and Tactics, which got its start in the hunting world but has branched out into lifestyle, sports, and tactical and recreational shooting.


Luminox also brought their new ANU Chronograph 4241 watch. ANU stands for Authorized Navy Use, and the watch continues Luminox’s proud tradition of providing bombproof timepieces for our nation’s frogmen. Bearded and non-bearded warriors alike can enjoy the quartz movement with chrono function, sapphire glass, and self-powered lighting that’ll last for 25 years.

Luminox-Watch Luminox-Watch-Case

Then there was this guy — Ton Jones, everybody!

Ton-Jones-1 Ton-Jones-2



The ReplayXD Day at the Range is an example of the company’s commitment to the shooting, tactical, and hunting communities with its open and wholehearted support for our needs and requirements. Their executive ranks include prior service members and real shooters, and we know this matters to our readership. There are two important ways that you can support those who support your rights. One is to vote at the ballot box, and the other is to vote with your wallet.

Drone-ReplayXD Phantom-Replay



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