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Reporter Shoots Automatic AKAR15 Assault Shotgun

Speaking of PTSD. Watch as this reporter shoots a fully automatic AKAR115 Assault Shotgun for the first time — and not just any fully automatic AKAR-15 Assault Shotgun, but one of the ones that launches 40 mike-mike grenades from an under-barrel magazine and comes equipped with a pinpoint sight for maximum lethality. Note that we're not entirely sure of the video's legitimacy. The tornado that rolls in at about 1:25 seems like it might be computer generated.

He should have used one of the 5 AR-15s guaranteed not to give you PTSD.

We're actually not sure what's more stupid — the video, the people who suffered such asspain from the video, or the fact that the guys who made it had to put PARODY in the title. Regardless, we understand their sentiment wholeheartedly.

In memory of Gersh Kuntzman's shattered psyche.

Cue butthurt and disgruntled Redditing from those who might not understand this one, simple truth: 30 caliber ghost clips do not, nor have they ever, used the  gunshow loophole to avoid a Form 4473 and cause fully automatic auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Hat tip to American AF and the AAF Nation.

Video by the 413 Lads.

Oh, and here's the sequel:

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