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Review – Rebel Arms Lightning Mod II

Yesterday RECOIL Contributor Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics released his latest video review. This one dissects the performance of the Rebel Arms Lightning Mod II.

“When Rebel Arms first approached me, I told them I wanted their entry level or mid-range gun. My reason for that is, my last few rifles have been Ferraris, flagships, companies have sent me their best…but I wanted to take a look at what I consider a working man's gun. Someone who doesn't necessarily have enough money or they're not willing to spend as much money on a two thousand, twenty-five hundred dollar, three thousand dollar gun…”

Sage Dynamics Revew Rebel Arms 2


“Rebel builds guns. They may not have the same overhead, the same advertising, the same staffing levels. They hand source their parts, they've got their nose to the grindstone, they're building good rifles and they're putting them out there for reasonable prices. For some people fifteen hundred dollars is still too expensive. I can't say anything to those people that's going to make them buy this gun. I'm not even trying to sell you this gun. I'm telling you this gun exists, it's fifteen hundred dollars and it is awesome.”

Rebel Arms is online here and on Facebook here. Sage Dynamics online here; on Facebook here. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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