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Review: SCAR parts from Kinetic Development Group

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 Kinetic Development Group (KDG) has been popping up all over the place over the last couple of days. This brand new company is hitting the ground running—and it’s not with the same tired old AR parts.

KDG was kind enough to shoot me over some preproduction samples of their wares (evidentially they didn’t know my history of breaking absolutely everything). I’ll give you my impressions of build quality and overall usefulness below.

I received (3) products from KDG: An extended SCAR handguard and two alternative sling mounts. Right away I knew I wasn’t dealing with a fly-by-night company that popped up during the previous panics. Everything is 6061 T6 aluminum, hard anodized, laser marked, and topped with a clear Cerakote. No uneven finish or blanked parts were observed. My suspicions were later verified upon discovering that while the company name is new to the industry, the owners and employees are not.

The items I received were devoid of final product packaging, to include instructions or directions of any kind (this isn’t unusual, as it was preproduction). I’ve been running and working on SCARs for years at this point, so this prospect wasn’t especially daunting (plus, it not being the 1700s, help was only a quick phone call away if needed).

KDG calls their forend system the MREX. They are offered in two different lengths (4.9” longer than factory and 6.5”) in either a modular rail system or MagPul’s MLOK attachment. They’re available in two colors (just like the SCAR), black or FDE. Not only is length extended, there is a stepped down accessory rail in the 12 o’clock position. All work on the SCAR Light or Heavy.

The example I have is the MREX-MLOK 4.9 in black. There are two integral QD sockets directly below the gas regulator, and the non-MLOK rear portions of the rail (since it hugs the receiver tight, there is no space for MLOK) are threaded holes 2 3/8” apart. There are a variety of aftermarket Picatinny rails with that spacing.

Currently KDG doesn’t have a rail appropriate for a CQC model (the 4.9 stops bluntly at the muzzle), so on a standard 16” barreled gun it went. If you have a chopped barrel and a permanently installed muzzle device to bring it to legal length, so long as your muzzle attachment isn’t obese you should still be OK.

 Installation of the rail may cause some trepidation for first timers, as it involves a heat gun or torch, and a lot of factory parts left over. Instead of going through all of the details, I’ve simply linked a, ‘How-to’ video put out by KDG at the end of this review. Needless to say, it isn’t hard if you have the proper tools and you’re allowed to play with matches (but seriously, you’re pulling the barrel so have a good torque wrench handy). Use appropriate thread locker on everything. KDG ships out their products with little vials of Vibratite.


Once installed, the extra length is noticed first followed by the slimness. The MREX MLOK is only 1.776” wide beyond the receiver. Where the MREX overlaps the receiver she gets a little fatter at 2.095”—still far better than with the OEM polymer factory rails. The added length alone assuages many grievances. The stepped down 12 o’clock rail begins in front of the folded sight, so no worries about accessing the gas regulator or sights.
The shorter rail on the 4.9 allowed for a pistol sized light perfectly. Even the Surefire X400, notorious for blocking the sights when run in a rhino configuration on an AR, gifted no issues. The top rail on the 6.5 can easily be a home for an SR-0x switch or PEQ. 


Leftover OEM parts post-installation

Removal of the barrel can still be performed, albeit with some downsides. The MREX adds a couple more screws into the mix and all but the rearmost are no longer captive. Marketing and Call of Duty have given people the impression that they’ll be swapping out barrels when in the field, which is a silly prospect in the real world. Call it a, ‘conceptual negative’ (also, make sure your workbench is relatively clear, lest you search for a fatefully fallen screw for fifteen minutes). MLOK isn’t quite yet ubiquitous, but more parts are coming out on a regular basis.

While most of the imagery that’s been passed around have focused on the handguards, I must admit that the sling points were what I found the most intriguing. On the list of valid complaints about the SCAR, type of sling points were near the top. Sure, the SCAR has a ton of them—just not the kind that most people like.
The rear sling point is what I’ve been enjoying the most. Two screws are removed, the rear QD is dropped in, and pair of new longer screws get torqued in. I recommend installation with the bolt carrier in the rifle, to act as a backer to prevent over-penetration.


Rear QD installed on a filthy SCAR

Second is an ambidextrous QD, which is an entire front plate replacement. Get rid of the loops and add QD in place? Yup. Not much more to say. If you can pull the barrel you can install this no problem. They have an installation video on the site.

All MREX forends, regardless of length, color, or attachment method have an MSRP of $299. The ambidextrous front plate is $49.99 and the rear QD is a meager $27.99. For more information, visit KDG’s webpage here, Facebook here, and Instagram here.



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