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Reviewed: Meprolight Foresight Augmented RDS

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If the Meprolight Foresight looks familiar, it's because it shares a near-identical body to the Meprolight Tru-Dot. That's where the comparison to the two ends. The Foresight offers you several features you won't find on any other optic. 

Calling it just a red dot sight is a bit of an understatement. The Meprolight Foresight is the first truly augmented red dot sight on the market. Part of being an augmented sight is seeing more than a floating reticle when you shoulder your weapon. To the left of that reticle is a compass that gives you a degree reading and below that is a sight leveler. To the right of the reticle are a battery meter and a Bluetooth connectivity sign. These two indicators are only on the screen temporarily. They appear whenever the optic is powered on and whenever the optic is manipulated. In the middle sits your chosen reticle.

The Bluetooth connectivity is there because the optic connects to your Android or iOS device through Meprolight's app. Inside the app, you'll find the ability to create up to ten unique profiles, each with the ability to hold separate zeroes, and the ability to choose five of 20 different reticles. Once a profile is established, the user can zero the optic through the app with the use of a grid that allows for quick and easy adjustments. 

After dialing in half a dozen different zeroes, I never want to use turrets to zero an optic ever again. You can zero without the app, but it's nowhere near as fast or handy. There are no manual turrets, just an integrated menu that allows for the input of adjustments. If you're lacking an Android or iOS device, you're stuck with the default reticle set of R1 through R5. 

Connecting to the app also allows for firmware updates, and you can add new features. The next update promises a built-in shot counter to monitor your magazine capacity. 

Solving Problems with the Foresight

If you have a hair of creativity on you, you can see a lot of benefits in the ability to build separate profiles and zeroes. The most apparent use is programming multiple zeroes for different ammo types from the same weapon. Or, you could program the zeros for up to ten different guns and swap the optic between them.

300 Blackout guys can program a subsonic and a supersonic load and just switch profiles with the touch of a screen. If you are a shotgun nerd like me, you can program a profile for slugs and one for buckshot. In my case, I programmed one for slugs, one for Federal Flitecontrol buckshot, and one for Olin Mil-Spec Buckshot. A little bit of creativity takes the concept so much further. 

The 20 different reticles also allow you to choose reticle options that help solve some problems. The bullpup'd Scorpion suffers from an obnoxious case of height over bore syndrome. The BDC style reticle has a subtension to estimated hold-over for those close-range shots. 

Lastly, if you have multiple people shooting the same gun the Foresight has you covered. Individual zeroes and reticle preferences can be set for a multitude of shooters.

The more creative you are, the more you'll like this optic. 

General Performance 

An optic that's capable of all this means nothing if it doesn't just work. The good news is the Foresight does work and works very well. The zeroes hold, and swapping from profile to profile takes only seconds to do. The Meprolight Foresight comes with a built-in QD mount that's adjustable for the slight variances between pic rails. It locks on solid with no room to wiggle. 

Foresight Profile

The Meprolight Foresight places four arrows and a center button in front of the viewing window. The arrows allow you to swap reticles and adjust the brightness level. The center dot allows you to access the menu and switch to low battery mode. Low battery mode eliminates everything but the reticle. If the battery does die, the settings for each profile are saved in both the app and the optic so you'll lose no data. 

The view through the viewing window is clear, and the reticles are all crisp. At moderate ranges of 100 yards, they are far from obtrusive, and you can maintain a clear visual on targets both big and small. 

The battery does seem to last a very long time on a single charge. I've had the optic for months, and the battery is still sitting at 80%

There is a slight purple tint to the Foresight, but it's not distracting or annoying. The reticle is green, which tends to reduce battery usage and be more comforting to the eyes. 

Security Concerns

A new layer of technology rightly adds a new layer of security concerns. Can someone hijack the optic? Could someone change your individual settings? It's a complicated answer.

I did verify a that if your device is connected to the optic, no one else can access it. If they scan with a separate device the optic will not show up for pairing. Should your optic and device low signal the device will show up on someone else's device as long as they have the Meprolight app. They can access the optic, and load a new profile, but cannot see or edit your existing profiles. If they created and switched to a new profile you would lose your zero.

They do have to be within 25 feet to scan and connect to your optic. That 25 feet is open ground, and the Bluetooth connection range can be limited by anything placed between devices. While someone could hijack the optic and cause you to lose zero it seems that it would be very unlikely, beyond one of your buddies screwing with you at the range.


I have three complaints, but none are significant enough for me to not wholeheartedly endorse the Meprolight Foresight. 

The first complaint is that the battery is rechargeable. You cannot drop a CR123 in it and call it a day. You have to recharge it via a USB-C cable. I'd prefer a dual fuel option.

The second is the brightness levels of the reticle. I'd prefer it to be capable of being a little brighter. In the high noon of Florida, the reticle is slightly dim in this bright environment. 


My third and final complaint about the Meprolight Foresight is that R-20, the single dot reticle is absurdly small, and not entirely useful. I'd guess it was 1 MOA at most. 

The Power of Foresight 

The Meprolight Foresight is a fantastic optic that is truly unique. Being unique doesn't automatically translate to being anything worth a damn, but in the case of the Meprolight Foresight, the optic's unique technology makes it worth the price of admission. The Foresight has the capability to solve unique problems in the firearm's realm. 

[Check out the Meprolight Foresight Here]

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