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REVISITED – Incoming RECOIL Issue 24

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REVISITED – Incoming RECOIL Issue 24


EOTech's stepping out of its holographic comfort zone and into the precision rifle scope market. Its all new, three-scope Vudu line includes a 1-6x, 2.5-10x, and 3.5-18x. All the scopes feature a lit reticle in the first focal plane, anti-reflective lens coatings, aircraft-grade aluminum bodies, a lifetime guarantee, and aggressive pricing. Our favorite is the 1-6x, shown below. It looks at home on an AR used for competition or hunting. The 24mm objective lens makes for a big, bright image, and the first focal plane reticle translates well across its zoom range — the familiar EOTech dot and circle reference at 1x disappears as you zoom up to 6x, where a standard reticle shows 1-mil stadia lines. The 1-6x is also available with fast reading 5.56mm and 7.62mm BDC reticles. While we'd be more stoked to see locking turrets, it seems the Vudu 1-6x was built for speed. The integral throw lever works well when moving through the scope's 180 degrees of magnification travel. Keep an eye out for more on the 1-6x in an upcoming issue; we've got a preproduction sample on loan for a review.


MODEL: PRS Vudu 1-6x

MSRP: $1,299




Activating lights and lasers on a rifle should be easy. But, it isn't. There's an array of manufacturers out there using different wire leads and switching methods that leave handguards decorated with a tangle of wires and failing tape switches. Unity Tactical's T.A.P.S. (Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch) mows through the wire thicket with an M-LOK, KeyMod, or Pic rail direct mount, dual-pad switch that's home to Unity's modular leads. Order up the appropriate cable for your light and laser, plug them in and you're off. Or, on. It's up to you. You can program the switch for constant, or momentary activation with double taps or a tap-and-hold. The switch runs for years on a coin cell battery and will revert to dumb mode, activating the attached device in a default mode should the battery die. Unity will support SureFire lights along with the PEQ-15, PEQ-15a, PEQ-16, DBAL, and other light/laser products that use Steiner cabling out of the gate.

MAKE: Unity Tactical


MSRP: $220




The Clarus Pro headset is a slimmed-down version of Silynx's military-grade ear pro system that integrates active hearing protection and communications capability. Instead of plugging the headset into a PRR, MBITR, or PRC series radio, the Clarus Pro runs as stand-alone ear pro, or plugs into a smartphone for tunes and domestic comms. Running from a AAA battery for 80-plus hours, the headset can instantly block noise up to 30dB while piping normal environmental sounds through at a user selected volume level. When plugged into a phone, the matchbox-sized control module routes phone calls and app audio to the compact earbuds and has an inline control button as you'd find on a stock smartphone headset. The Clarus Pro lets you balance environmental sound with phone audio as appropriate for situational awareness. Audio quality is a step up from OEM earbuds and the waterproof rating means they'll suffer the worst range, workout, and traveling conditions with a smile.

MAKE: Silynx

MODEL: Clarus Pro

MSRP: $249




Sometimes you need a place to keep your M18 Claymore anti-personnel mine system safe and organized. Magpul's Happy Claymore features a mine pocket plus a pull-out, 28-inch square sheet bordered with IR reflective tape that holds wiring or det cord and creates a workspace where small parts won't disappear. Stake loops on the corners make it easy to gather everything on the sheet and funnel it into the bag, while a dedicated antistatic pocket keeps blasting caps safe and ready to go. PALS and grab loops adorn the exterior along with a wry smile that hints at the havoc stored within the bag's 1,000-denier Cordura innards. The bag also includes help tips on how to use the bag as a garrote, leg sweep, and as a hasty hood for small-headed detainees, among others. Aside from mines, the Happy Claymore makes a good brass collection or SSE bag.

MAKE: Magpul

MODEL: Happy Claymore

MSRP: $65




SHOT Show 2016 brought a handful of new products from Aimpoint, but two of them stood out for us. The first, the 3X-C is a 3x magnifier priced at less than half of the original Aimpoint 3x magnifier. This new commercial model gives up a little of the battlefield durability, but it adds a +/-2 power diopter, upgrades the protective rubber cover with more burliness, and keeps the internal axis adjustment of the original. The second eye-catcher from Aimpoint is the new Flipmount for its magnifiers. The Flipmount uses the same base as the older Twistmount, but adds a flip-over feature. If you have a Twistmount and want to upgrade, Aimpoint will offer the upper Twistmount ring alone for $260. Aimpoint also issued a new 6x and an updated 3x magnifier for the military and LE market at SHOT, all worth a look.

MAKE: Aimpoint

MODEL: 3X-C Magnifier and Flipmount

MSRP: $3X-C Magnifier $307, Flipmount (complete) $361





SOG has mastered the art of cramming an assload of utility into a tiny package. The 18 tools packed into the new PowerPlay multitool are your ticket out of a tough spot. The PowerPlay headlines with SOG's hallmark compound leverage plier head and continues with an array of implements smartly arranged so the most used are easily accessible without opening the jaws. All the tools lock in place and a bit driver at the base of the plier adds further utility. The PowerPlay presented here was used in Trails Found 16; it comes with a durable, slip-in carry case that clips to a belt or PALS field for easy access. SOG will have another version that includes a soft case and a set of hex bit tools.


MODEL: Powerplay

MSRP: $77




When it comes to military-grade cold-weather gear, Arc'teryx LEAF has cracked the code on snivel gear and uniform clothing that'll keep you warm without slowing you down. Arc'teryx LEAF's new Cold WX Jacket LT uses a two-layer Gore Windstopper face material with 100-gram high-loft, synthetic insulation to keep you productive as the temperature drops. The jacket is designed without a hood or high collar to get in the way of a helmet or sling. Comparing the Cold WX Jacket LT with the popular LEAF Atom LT, you'll find a heavier outer fabric, heavier insulation, no air-permeable fleece under the arms, and a looser fit that's made for layering. Media ports, shoulder pockets, and Velcro fields make this an ideal cold-weather jacket for standing watch or working outside when the elements are trying to ruin you.

MAKE: Arc'teryx Leaf

MODEL: Cold WX Jacket LT

MSRP: $279/$349 Multicam




Luth-AR's MBA-1 stock is a great way to get a custom fit from a rifle-length AR buttstock, while keeping weight in check. Its new MBA-3 takes the same premise and applies it to the multi-position carbine receiver extension. The new shorty Luth-AR retains the tool-free cheek height and length of pull adjustment and adds multi-position functionality, a three-axis butt plate, a Pic rail on the base, and a set screw to eliminate play in the stock. Spin those knobs and get that precision feel for your carbine.


MODEL: MBA-3 Carbine Stock


MSRP: $160




The Smith & Wesson M&P line is blessed with great ergonomics and reliability, but their triggers and accuracy are decidedly ho-hum. The boffins at Apex Tactical Specialties fixed the first problem over half a decade ago and recently turned their attention to the second. The MK1 Apex Grade semi drop-in barrel increases dwell time to cure the pistol's vertical stringing tendencies and locks up tighter than a gnat's chuff. There are three areas that will need your attention in order to correctly fit the barrel to your handgun, but we completed the whole process seated at the kitchen table. From start to finish took us one just beer, so grab a file and have at it.

MAKE: Apex Tactical Specialties

MODEL: MK1 Apex Grade Semi Drop-in Barrel for M&P

MSRP: $200




The new Haley Strategic D3 Rifle Sling runs as a single or two-point sling with a low-profile pad inspired by mountaineering harness construction. Haley describes the shoulder pad as a five-layer laminate sealed with stretch woven materials that adds comfort without weight or bulk. In real terms, that means the sling is wide enough that it won't dig in to your shoulder or back, but thin enough that it'll lay flat and not interfere with other gear. The sling comes with a pair of push-button QD sling swivels and an in-line QD cup fixture for one point mode. Adjusting the sling on the move is pretty easy with the gathered loop fixture. We'll be running the D3 for a few months and report back with our thoughts on

MAKE: Haley Strategic

MODEL: D3 Sling

COLORS: Black, Tan, Multicam

MSRP: $89




The original Havalon Piranta folding scalpel combined the cutting efficiency of surgical blades with the convenience of tool-free, replaceable blades in a folding knife. The design was instantly adopted by hunters for field dressing game. The new Titan adds a 2.75-inch pocket-knife blade to the 2.25-inch scalpel and creates a tool that's as useful for EDC as it is for caping a black bear. The Pro version, shown below, replaces the standard Titan's polymer scales with aluminum, but retains the serrated gip panels for great control during fine work. The Titan series comes with a zippered case and two types of surgical-grade spare blades; one set are pointed and the other are round-tipped blades that'll help avoid unintentional punctures in stuff that matters.

MAKE: Havalon

MODEL: Titan Pro

MSRP: $80




We often think little packs carry light loads and don't need the load-bearing features found in bigger packs. What if you're carrying something small but heavy, such as a PRC-117 radio, or maybe some spare batteries, or an ammo can? A larger bag is overkill and a wussy little Jansport isn't going to cut it. That's where a raid bag such as the ASAP comes in. It's got an adjustable yoke, a load-stabilizing waist belt, internal sleeves for water reservoirs or gear organization, a couple of zippered pockets, PALS webbing for modular growth, and the Ranch's signature Tri-Zip access that allows top or front load access. It's also got a slim profile, so moving through tight spaces is a breeze. Maybe overkill for an EDC bag, but it's got short duration, high-mobility use packed up and ready to go.

MAKE: Mystery Ranch

MODEL: A.S.A.P. Pack

COLORS: Black, Coyote, Foliage, Multicam

MSRP: $245




KAC's original 5.56mm MAMS muzzle brake (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) is regarded as an effective, neutral brake on everything from SBRs to DMRs. This new QD MAMS keeps all the ballistic goodness while adding enough length to get a 14.5-inch barrel up to 16 inches and trading Knight's QDC suppressor compatibility for NT4, gate latch compatibility. The MAMS still acts as an initial blast baffle in an NT4 can, like its little brother. But, the biggest news is probably the price, which drops to $200, thanks to the use of stainless steel instead of more exotic metals. What!? Whatdya expect? It's still a Knights product.

MAKE: Knights Armament Company


MSRP: $200




The Ultimate Power Muffs by Walker's Game Ear offers two high-gain omni-directional microphones, 9x hearing enhancement, two independent volume controls, and a noise reduction rating of 27 dB. With sound-activated compression, anti-microbial ear pads, and adjustable frequency tuning, we think these might make for a reasonable mid-budget option. Unlike our Peltors, these Walker's use only two AAA batteries (included) instead of four. The downsides? Though lightweight, the muffs are a little too bulbous, and for 140 bucks we expected a sturdier construction. Overall though, these ears worked effectively while offering a comfortable fit.

MAKE: Walker's Game Ear

MODEL: Ultimate Power Muff

MSRP: $140




Getting tired of the ubiquitous look of paracord bracelets? Survival Straps has a new spin on an old favorite using spent brass that's been recycled, tumbled, and polished. Made for both men and women, they come in a variety of colors and are offered with 9mm, .40, or .45 casings on the ends. Handmade in the USA, they can be squeezed tight around the wrist for a custom fit.

MAKE: Survival Straps

MODEL: Range Master

MSRP: $30




Unleash your inner Lego face-shooter with the Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Operator Graphic Tee. Made with 100-percent cotton, the front features the AONO Operator design with the new AONO logo on the neckline in the rear. Available in black and heavy metal gray, from medium to 2XL.

MAKE: Always Outnumbered

MODEL: Aono Operator Graphic Tee

MSRP: $25


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