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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 10

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REVISITED: Incoming Issue 10


Nowadays, tech-savvy thieves can use a scanner to skim sensitive info off credit cards and driver's licenses — all without touching your wallet. Enter the HuMn Wallet. Consisting of two or three plates (depending on the model) made of aluminum or carbon fiber and held together with an elastic shock strap, this wallet can shield against radio-frequency-identification skimming while providing a slimmer design. Available in assorted colors (though Cerakote finish is available in only olive drab and desert camel versions).

Brand: HuMn Wallet
Model: Mini, HW2, and HW3
MSRP: $76 (Mini and HW2), $114 (HW3)



Some devices are so brilliantly simple that we wish we had invented them first. Case in point: the Spool Tool. As the name implies, it allows for up to 100 feet of paracord to be wrapped neatly around its body for convenient storage, carry, and usage. But wait there's more! There's a replaceable blade for cutting, a row of notches to hold the cord in place, and a holder for a BIC Mini lighter (which is not included, but can be used to heat-seal the ends of the cord). This is an excellent and efficient tool to take on any adventure, slip into a go-bag, or keep handy in the garage. It comes with 50 feet of cord (available in a butt-load of colors) for $24, with 100 feet of cord for $27, or sans paracord for $19.

Brand: TricornE
Model: Spool Tool
MSRP: $24 (with 50 feet of cord)



Got a bum knee? Shooter's elbow? Try RockTape. No, not those eight-track cassettes. We're talking about the kinesiology tape that has a unidirectional stretch to support muscles and joints without reducing range of movement. It's also made of a water-resistant blend of 97-percent cotton and 3-percent nylon. RockTape is ideal for troops, agents, officers, shooters, and weekend warriors who have chronic conditions, everything from knee issues to rotator cuff problems. Available in 2-inch-wide and 4-inch-wide varieties, RockTape offers a range of colors and designs.

Brand: RockTape
Model: RockTape
MSRP: Starts at $20 a roll



How does a company top its best-selling flashlight? Make one that's even more powerful. SureFire recently released the P3X Fury Pro, a slightly larger, way more powerful version of the P2X. With a max setting of 1,000 lumens, it's twice as bright as its older sibling but just as hardcore. A precision reflector creates a tight beam for searching, signaling, or spotting something in the distance. Powered by three CR123A batteries, runtime is 2.25 hours on max and 60 hours on the 15-lumen low setting. The P3X also features a hard-anodized aluminum body that's lightweight, and a pushbutton tail-cap that controls output and activation.

Brand: SureFire
Model: P3X Fury Pro
MSRP: $250



If you enjoyed our story on combat-tracking instructor Freddy Osuna in Issue 9's “SHTF” column, then you'll definitely want to check out Tracking Humans. It's written by David Diaz (a master at hunting down insurgents, guerrillas, fugitives, and missing people) and V.L. McCann (a former U.S. Army officer). This 264-page paperback covers the fundamentals of tracking — from reading footprints and identifying weapons to recording field notes and establishing a search pattern. In a bug-out situation, this type of knowledge is vital to eluding adversaries, finding loved ones, and hunting game for sustenance.

Brand: Lyons Press
Model: Tracking Humans: A Fundamental Approach to Finding Missing Persons, Insurgents, Guerrillas, and Fugitives from the Law
MSRP: $19



Brain freeze doesn't just happen when you drink a Slurpee. This winter's frigid temps can dampen your survival skills, let alone your shooting ability. Keep your noggin warm with Under Armour's Tactical Article Beanie. The form-fitting micro-fleece traps heat in, while the inner mesh lining wicks sweat away. Available in black, dark navy blue, desert sand, and marine olive drab green. The beanie does fit snugly, so those with bigger crowns should try it on first.

Brand: Under Armour
Model: Tactical Artic Beanie
MSRP: $25



Columbia River Knife & Tool has launched a hardcore lineup of iPhone armor called the iNoxCase. Made of stainless steel, the case features a lid that protects the phone's screen and can rotate either 180 degrees or 360 degrees. It maintains access to all ports and buttons and is lined for secure phone retention. There's also an elastic band to hold money or credit cards. Available for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5s, in stainless or matte black (add an extra $10 for the latter finish).

Brand: Columbia River Knife & Tool
Model: iNoxCase and iNoxCase 360
MSRP: $60



Generally speaking, we like specialized tools, because the jack of all trades is usually the master of none. Still, there's something to be said about a well-made multitool. Coast Products' LED150 contains quite a bit in a fairly compact size (4 inches long when closed), making it a great gizmo when you don't want (or don't have the cargo space) to pack an entire toolbox. The main draw is the two built-in LEDs on either end, making repairs possible in low light. It also includes a 3Cr13 blade, a Phillips head, and scissors, among other tools.

Brand: Coast Products
Model: LED150
MSRP: $50

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