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RKBA Holsters – Clear Kydex Holster for Caracal F

RKBA has released a clear belt holster for the Caracal F. This Kydex holster holds the Caracal F close to the body with a 15 degree cant. You can order it for $55 now from

When was the last time you saw a clear holster?

2 responses to “RKBA Holsters – Clear Kydex Holster for Caracal F”

  1. kingof9x says:

    This guys makes holsters for the cz75 in .40 which I have had a hard time finding.

  2. Stephen - RKBA Holsters says:

    To be technical the brand name is actually Holstex, Kydex does not make clear for use in holsters.

    Nice to see my holsters catching on 🙂

    RKBA Holsters

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