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Robar Teases Lightweight Rifle

ROBAR teased us with this photo of their PolymAR-15 Ti . They're reporting their rifle weighs just 4.75-pounds with sub-MOA performance and an estimated MSRP $1995. We're guessing part of the cost is due to the replacement of most, if not all, steel parts with titanium parts, we'll have to see.

UPDATE: Robar just shared the highlights of their parts list with us. They let us know that the list is a work in progress, and a they may swap some parts before the rifle hits the market.


• KSP Upper Receiver; Black/Magpul FDE/Gray (available After January)
• Faxon 14.5″ or 16″ Midlength Gas 1:8″ Twist, 5.56 NATO, Gunner Barrel
• KTC Stealth Brake (will be Battlecomp 1.5 Ti (14.5″) Or 1.0 Ti (16″) once available.)
• Robar Ar15 Titanium Bolt Carrier Group
• BCM Charging Handle (Small)
• BCM KMR13 Handguard
• BCM KMR QD Sling Mount
• BCM Gunfighter Keymod Mod3 Vertical Grip
• BCM Low Profile Gas Block
• Spike's Tactical Melonited Mid-length Gas Tube
• Magpul MBUS Sights
• KSP Ejection Port Cover


• KSP Lower Receiver; Black/Magpul FDE/Gray (available After January)
• NP3 Trigger Assembly
• BCM Gunfighter Stock Mod 0
• BCM Gunfighter Grip Mod 3
• V7 Titanium QD Receiver End Plate
• V7 Titanium Castle Nut
• V7 Titanium Pivot Pin
• V7 Titanium Take Down Pin
• V7 Titanium Mag Catch
• V7 Titanium Mag Catch Button (or California bullet button)
• V7 Titanium Selector Switch

• Wilderness Tactical Double Point Sling w/Magpul QD Sling Swivels x2
• Tango Down 30 round ARC Mags x2
• Patriot Products Combat Optic Tool
• Royal Case 42″ Hard Case

Keep an eye on them online here to learn more. They're also on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also follow their blog.

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