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Romance on the Range

Make that range trip a date. So sayeth Mrs. Doyle (Household 6 Actual at Follow Through Consulting). She recently penned an op-ed there you might be interested in if you're looking to have your wife or girlfriend start shooting with you (not at you).

Keeping Your Relationship on Target by Training as a Couple

“Whether a person hopes to share an enthusiasm for shooting, motorcycles, or art—developing a shared hobby can be a great relationship builder, as long as it’s something both of you can take an individual interest in. ‘How do I make her interested’, you ask?

My answer is always, “Make it a date.” Because I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like being asked out on a date by her significant other; In fact, “range dates” have become one of my favorite things to do with my husband of 20 years—and approached in the right way, can add some spice and variety to any relationship while you both become more safe and better skilled with your firearm…

…Even though it happens to be my husband who is the “expert” when it comes to shooting, he goes out of his way not to dictate what we do in training.  We take turns deciding what we’d like to work on in any given training session.  He likes to train with the rifle more often, and I like to spend time working with my concealed carry pistol.  We balance our time doing things we both like, so we both have a good time doing it.

Tip: It’s important for the more experienced shooter to instruct in a way that will result in their partner wanting to train with them again.  Nobody likes to get bossed around or criticized for an hour, so if your goal is to start training as a couple, refrain from both.  Get that second date!”

There's some great advice in this article. Want some romance on the range?Go read it in its entirety right here.

Image courtesy of Follow Through Consulting and Straight 8 Photography.

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