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Ross Elder on the IDTS 3D Target System

Writer-author Ross Elder recently published a review of the IDTS 3-D target system on his blog. IDTS (ID Target Systems) are designed to add a 3 dimensional element to your training, whether on the range with live rounds or indoors with airsoft and marker cartridges.

“…I used my .45 pistol to ensure the largest penetrations possible.  The result was just large, clean, easy to see holes punched into the target.  At 20 feet, I punched a neat hole into the center of the target but it neither deformed or collapsed while missing a sizeable chunk of its chest area.  I then fired shots into random locations of the target to see if impacts in different regions responded differently.  They did not.'

You can read the rest of Elder's review here – he goes into much more detail regarding the whys and wherefores of his satisfaction with them.

“With the available options for changing the target configuration, they are perfect for shoot/don’t shoot training, shoot houses, and any outdoor range that wants to continue operations through less than ideal weather conditions…”

IDTS targets reviewed by Ross Elder the Elder Statesman

IDTS is a woman owned business operated by Tatiana Whitlock (whose writing has appeared here on RECOILweb in the past). For more information, check them out on line here or on Facebook here.

Ross Elder of the Elder Statesmen

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