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Shoot In 3D: Rubber Dummies 3D Targets

Rubber Dummies (@rubberdummies) are described as life-size torso 3D targets that “self-heal” after each shot. Built in the USA from 100% recycled rubber, these targets are built with an outer skin (of sorts) that reacts to bullet impact. This provides immediate feedback to whomever is in training. This skin can then be reapplied for another course of fire or class. The manufacturer advises they will withstand thousands of hits from calibers from 17HMR to 50BMG (making them more durable than a host from WestWorld, if less fun to spend time with in a brothel).

Rubber Dummies are designed to allow rounds to pass through with minimal deformation and target degradation, and thus should remain usable for a long time. Because they don't present the same danger of ricochet or spalling that a steel target does, they can be used in places and at ranges you'd otherwise need to use paper. You'll still need to use your head and wear the appropriate PPE, obviously. Their build doesn't change the laws of physics, so you'll still need to worry about backstop, wads from shotgun rounds, the bracket holding the target, etc.


According to their FAQ, average usage of each dummy should be in the neighborhood of 4-5 thousand hits. Each sits on a 3/8 in. AR-500 plate mounted on a 3/4 in. pipe. The base is 1/8 in. steel plate and has four 1/2 in. holes in it for stakes. You can add “kill shot packets” if you'd like to incorporate blood/wound visual hit feedback.

The MSRP on Rubber Dummies targets is $129.99, though at the time of this writing they're on sale for $99. The stand is normally $74.99 and is also currently on sale, $64.99.

Learn more at; you can also check out this review on the Major Pandemic website. It goes into the background, some of their experiences with the target, etc.

“Think about how much you actually shoot and most people will find that this target will last them years. Based on my experience I think you would need to get into the 5000 round range before needing a replacement, however that depends on the type of ammo your are shooting. Hollow points will cookie cutter the dummy pretty quick. This is very dense rubber and what I found on a couple test shots was that the hollowpoints opened up pretty quick and did produce holes, versus the FMJ rounds that allowed the rubber to self heal. The Rubber Dummies will last longer when full metal jacketed bullets are used versus hollow points. Also hammering the target with .45 rounds will likely wear it out faster than with .223 rounds.”


All imagery from Rubber Dummies social media.

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