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Sabotage – the BluRay tells a different story

Under the Radar editor Jim Barber wrote an interesting article about the Blu-ray version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sabotage a few days ago.  According to Barber, there’s enough material on the Blu-ray (which inexplicably does not include a “director’s cut”) to suggest the movie had much greater potential than it ultimately realized.

Says Barber,

“The deleted scenes reveal a jettisoned plot about a missing child investigation led by Olivia Williams’ Detective Caroline Brentwood and an ending where the good guys win. Williams was the real protagonist in the original screenplay and would either arrest the bad guy or die a hero in the two versions that Ayer originally shot. Those must have tested terribly and the ending we see here was concocted and tacked on. That also required losing a good chunk of the original plot.”

The DVD includes some alternate endings (which apparently don’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the deleted scenes); Barber advises the final version of Sabotage is a much different movie by the end.

“It looks like,” he says, “everyone involved was trying to make a more interesting film than the one we got to see”

You can read the original article and learn more about the Blu-ray/Digital version here.

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