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SafeTacMag — Magazines for Blank Munitions

SafeTacMags are magazines for use with the M4/M16 family and blank ammunition; it's specifically designed to allow blank ammunition to feed properly (though we're guessing you'll still need to tighten that BFA down to within an inch of its life). SafeTacMag LLC advises the magazines require no modification to the rifle and perhaps more significantly cannot accept or cycle live ammunition. If you go to the bottom of their product page you'll find a couple of videos showing how reliably they feed.

SafeTacMag magazine for blanks 3

Says SafeTacMag LLC,

A close peer of Matthew Harding [President of the company] in the Marine Corps, died from a gunshot wound during an urban combat training accident. The Marine responsible was an experienced, well-trained Sergeant. The next day all of Camp Pendleton was briefed about the incident. This brief, however, did not solve the design flaw that allowed live ammunition to become commingled with blank ammunition. The Army and Marines have lost approximately 10 Soldiers from negligent discharges since 2002, and hundreds more have been injured. This begged the question, “Why is there not a separate magazine for non-lethal ammunition when Soldiers train?” That is where the Safe Tactical Magazine idea was born and is what drives SafeTacMag, LLC today.

You can get yours here. They're only $20 each.

SafeTacMag magazine for blanks 2

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