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Safety Warning Issued for Winchester SXP Shotguns

Winchester Repeating Arms has issued a safety warning and recall notice for some models of the Winchester SXP (3 1/2″ chamber) shotgun, the “Super X Pump.”

According to Winchester a limited number of the Super X Pumps may, “…may, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge while closing the action.” They further advise, “Failure to return any affected shotguns for inspection and/or repair may create a risk of harm, including serious personal injury or death.”

Gosh, you think?


Spread the word. If you or anyone you know owns an SXP, contact the Winchester Consumer Administrative Center immediately (have the weapon serial number handy).  Don't do anything with them until you've clarified whether the weapon is involved in the recall. Shotguns from the following models are affected:

SXP WATERFOWL HUNTER3 1/2″1226″ or 28″
SXP BLACK SHADOW3 1/2″1226″ or 28″
SXP LONG BEARD3 1/2″1224″

You can contact the Winchester Consumer Administrative Center at 1-800-945-5372 or e-mail [email protected].

More information right here.

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