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SAGE DYNAMICS: CCW Citizen Response to an Active Shooter

“In every active shooter situation, there is one common denominator,” says Aaron Cowan. “Innocent civilians.” Cowan, a RECOILweb contributor, is Director of Training for Sage Dynamics.  In response to recent world events involving active shooter scenarios, Sage Dynamics created a course, Citizen Response to an Active Shooter, a class that instructs students in tactics based on those taught by law enforcement and adapted to fit the Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) citizen’s role as a responsibly armed individual.

Using the Simunitions FX training system, Sage Dynamics will place students in scenario-based situations where they will experience an as-close-to-reality-as-possible use of force situation against an armed threat. They will be required to make critical decisions (and perform) under high stress.   One thing I’ve noticed in my own training, is that the times where I have learned the most about my personal abilities, mindset, and performance under stress were those times when I was training in force-on-force simunitions drills.   There has been no quicker or more decisive way in which my own training was validated.

Various holsters on the range at a Sage Dynamics class

Check out the upcoming Citizen Response to an Active Shooter course (to be held in Atlanta January 25-26) here.

Sage Dynamics Poster - train like your life depends on it

Read more from about Cowan's stance on “The Importance of Training” here, holster selection here, his take on the judicious use of violence here or any of his other RECOILweb articles.

“Over half of all Active Shooter events in the US have been stopped by a citizen, or citizens. The reason for this is that many who carry out mass murder choose soft targets where there is likely to be little or no law enforcement presence. Because the average Active Shooter event lasts between 4-11 minutes, and average law enforcement response varies greatly; the responsible citizen has every right to be trained to confront an active shooter situation as they are the likely line of defense between an armed threat and unarmed innocents and loved ones.”  Sage Dynamics

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