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Scott Glenn: Not a Badass at 75

Interested in some life advice, including some about maintaining your physical fitness, from a septuagenarian?

A former Marine who spent some time working as a journalist before turning to acting, Scott Glenn has been a Special Forces lieutenant working for a genius-madman in Vietnam, a fireman, an astronaut, a cowboy, an FBI agent, the commander of a nuclear submarine and Matt “Daredevil” Murdock's mentor. He's fit and he uses knife katas to work out, but he does not like the word “badass.”

Watch the video.

GQ:  So the key to looking like you when you’re 75 is never stop being a badass.

SG: “Well, I don’t like the word ‘badass’ because I train with guys up in Idaho from SEAL Team 6. And my son-in-law—I think of him as my son—has been a SEAL for most of his adult life. So I know what badass really is. It’s like when you see MMA guys, you know, out on the mats and then you hear someone saying, ‘These are real warriors!’ No they’re not! They’re not fucking warriors! Warriors put on Kevlar vests and load M4s, and when they go to work somebody dies and somebody lives. There’s nothing about it that’s a sport or fun or good at all.”

Read more here. Watch for the full story of the deep see spear-fishing, shark fighting, motorcycle racing actor here on GQ.

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