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Sharps Bros. Releases Gen2 AR15 Lower Receivers

Written by Jacki Billings

Sharps Bros. is slimming down its most popular AR-15 lower receivers, with the Gen2 series.

The Jack, Hellbreaker, and Warthog models are all getting the Gen2 treatment with tweaks designed to lighten the load and lower the cost. All three models will see the addition of a threaded bolt catch pin.

Weighing between 8 and 10 ounces, depending on the model, the Gen2 series offers full compatibility with all mil-spec internal parts and aftermarket mil-spec upper receivers. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, the lowers tout an oversized trigger guard. The Gen2 lowers leverage compatibility with standard issue mags, to include Magpul PMags.


Both the Hellbreaker and Warthog will also feature magwell cutouts designed to better enhance overall aesthetics, according to Sharps Bros. The Hellbreaker and Warthog's looks are derived from that of military aircraft nose art. The Hellbreaker harkens back to the World War II P-40 Warhawk while the Warthog’s roots are in the, you guessed it, A-10 Warthog.

“The ‘nose art’ that became a popular military tradition was born from the practical need to identify friendly units, but eventually evolved to express a squadron’s individuality,” Sharps Bros. said in a statement. “Considering the vast majority of AR-15 lowers look the same, we thought it was time to improve upon the standard and create some visual diversity in the market.”

The Jack ditches the historical approach, providing a more simplistic approach showcasing a basic skeleton style.

Pricing starts at $299 for the Hellbreaker and Warthog, with The Jack coming in slightly higher at $339. Sharps Bros. is currently accepting pre-orders with the Gen2 lowers expected to ship in December.

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