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Sheriff of Baghdad Tactical Introduces the MFQD Swivel B-Sling

Sheriff of Baghdad (SOB) Tactical has announced a revision to its popular B-sling series, which has been in development for more than 20 years and seen use in many areas including Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The newest iteration includes the Movement Free Quick Detach (MFQD) swivel which was developed to address problems found on the typical QD swivel everyone is familiar with.

When QD swivels were first repurposed from the sporting market to the tactical world, they retained the “swivel” loop attachment commonly used on rifles. This movable bail swings like a bucket handle, and has been prone to failure under load and heavy use. If the movable bail loop fails, the release button will eject and will lose its ball bearings, rendering the entire QD is useless.

John “Shrek” McPhee, owner of SOB Tactical, has seen this failure frequently during his time in the service. He addressed this by separating the working systems to ensure fewer failures. The MDFQ also reduces the shifting and sagging associated with slinging a carbine to go hands-free on the legacy design. This unwanted movement is greatly reduced by the MFQD.

“Our new MFQD is specially designed for combat arms of all types. We developed the smartest solution to the movement challenge of every other QD swivel on the market,” said McPhee.

The MFQD is a single, solid body constructed from Billet 7075 T6 Aluminum and is Milspec Anodized. The unique triangular shape is rounded and streamlined to reduce snags, and sits low to the weapon wherever attached. Internally, the MFQD features tempered stainless steel bearings and release spring for longevity, reliability and corrosion resistance.

As one would expect, it’s extremely intuitive to use, allowing quick adjustments with your non-firing hand by using the lanyard release equipped buckle. With this design, the adjustment buckle remains in the exact same position regardless of how loose or tight the sling is, so you’ll never have to search for it or take your eye off target. You can just pull the free end near the lanyard towards your body to tighten or grab the lanyard and push the rifle to firing position to loosen and shoot.

The new MFQD B-sling is available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam, and Multicam Black, with more colors coming soon. Each sling comes with a color matched combat band for sling stowage. All B-slings are made with pride in America with 100% Berry compliant materials, by Americans who are blind.

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