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[SHOT 2017] Ritter & Stark Modular Bolt Guns

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Ritter & Stark's Austrian-made, modular bolt action rifle was first introduced at AUSA Show in 2016; this past week at SHOT Show we were able to get a closer look it. It's primary claim to fame is its completely modular platform, with a quick change barrel system capable of shooting .308Win, .300Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag.


Industry News: Ritter & Stark Modular Bolt Guns

The Ritter & Stark features an AR-15 compatible buffer tube and grip that allows you to customize with any stock or grip you prefer, as well as a Remington 700 compatible trigger. The handguard features Magpul M-Lok system, is also set up for R&S proprietary Picatinny adapters, and has a folding stock that can be set up to fold either left or right side. This protects the bolt knob.


One unique feature is that the picatinny scope rail is directly attached to the barrel; when the barrel is swapped out, the scope remains attached to the barrel, thus retaining zero.With adaptable mag wells, the rifle can also accommodate various single and double stack magazines like AI AX, AI AICS and other AR10 or SR25-pattern magazines such as the Magpul PMag.


In order to change the barrel, you have to first remove 4 screws on the handguard, 2 on each side, then slide it off. Next you remove the 3 screws holding the barrel assembly. Proceed to remove the bolt and change out the bolt head by twisting the cap off the rear, and pop the pin holding the bolt head. Now insert the bolt head corresponding to the caliber and barrel. Note that there's a screw holding the mag well in place that that must be removed as well.

7 Remove the barrel assembly with the scope attached

Fortunately, all of the hex screw size are identical so you only require one hex screwdriver (and a torque wrench). The whole process can be complete in under 3 minutes with enough practice.

It will be interesting to see if this satisfied an actual need for a multi-caliber system requiring a dedicated scope and ring for each caliber.

8 Once new barrel and bolt heads are installed unscrew one screw to remove the mag well

The company claims their button-rifled barrel in .308Win is guaranteed to last 5,000 rounds vs. the 10,000 rounds claimed by another Austrian manufacturer for its cold hammer forged barrels in the same caliber. They also claim cold hammer forging (ironically a technique developed in Austria) stresses the barrel.

9 Stock-folds-to-the-right-to-protect-the-bolt-knob

We were able to shoot it during their range demo event on the Monday immediately prior to SHOT Show. However, the scope did not appear to be zeroed, and we did not manage to get any hits on the 90 yard steel target. The trigger had very short travel, weight was fairly light and it broke clean. The action was not as buttery smooth as the AI AX, Sako TRG, Steyre Mannlicher SSG and other rifles of this type. Without a broader sampling of guns and more time on the range it's impossible to tell if this is a characteristic of the whole line or an individual weapon.

With a MSRP starting at $5555.00 for .308 Win and a 2 caliber kit at $8555.00 that includes a hard case, we have some reservations that a company with such limited history can demand and receive such a high price for a rifle yet to prove itself.

To find out more head over to their website.





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