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Actually Drop Safe: Geissele Automatics Remington 700 Triggers

Geissele Automatics continues to push firearms triggers to their full potential. This time they’ve tackled a platform both famous and infamous for their triggers – the Remington 700. We had a chance to sample both variants at SHOT Show 2018’s Industry Day At The Range. Before we go any further, we’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Yes, these triggers are drop safe. Really. We spoke to Bill Geissele personally, who explained that the design of these triggers incorporates 3 separate safeties. In fact, it’s the only Remington 700 trigger we know of that will pass a 5-foot drop test with the manual safety in the off position.

There will be two versions sold, but they are exactly the same. Wait for it.
Each Geissele Remington 700 trigger can be configured for either single or two-stage. While you can do presto-change-o yourself, Geissele offers them pre-configured so the less mechanically inclined has less mucky-muck to deal with. These Remington 700 triggers can be adjusted for pull weights from a mere three-quarters of a pound to 3.5 pounds. Did we mention that you can do this while the triggers are installed? Well you can.

We're told the triggers are designed to be 100% drop-in. No fitment, gunsmithing, or alteration to the chassis will be required. The demo triggers we shot at range day were exactly what you’d expect from a Geissele trigger. There was absolutely no grit, grinding, slop, or sponginess with either configuration. The two stage version was neatly divided into an airy, gliding first stage and a quick, sharply snapping second. The single stage trigger exhibited no pre-travel. It was simply pressure-pressure-pressure-bang.

These triggers were originally designed and built for the US Navy and, presumably have been or will be employed around the world. For those of us whose paychecks don’t hinge on a government shut-down, the Geissele 700 triggers will retail at a projected price of $250. That puts them about on par with the rest of the Geissele line as well as competing brands of Remington 700 triggers. For more information, stay tuned to Recoil TV.

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