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SHOT 2022: Maxim Defense Frangible 5.56

The term frangible means something special when it comes to ammunition. Frangible ammunition identifies the projectile as such that breaks apart when it impacts a hard object. But complications arise, as the materials that typically make an object fragile enough to disintegrate rarely make a good bullet, until today.

Maxim Defense Frangible 5.56 Shot Show 2022
Maxim Defense has already released a frangible version of 300 Blackout, and we're all eager to see what comes next.

Maxim Defense, the company behind the super-short-but-effective MDX, has just released their latest ammunition that does the impossible. A military protocol has long dictated that the minimum safe distance for shooting at a steel target with a 5.56 carbine is 25 meters. With Maxim Defense's newest 5.56 ammunition that distance is functionally 0 feet.

But that would make a great training round if not for its performance out of the barrel. The 40-grain projectile leaves the barrel at 3150 feet per second giving it an effective range by terminal ballistics of at least 300 meters. Upon hitting steel, the copper-polymer slurry disintegrates immediately, with no sprawling to impact the shooter.

Maxim Defense Frangible 5.56 Shot Show 2022

Maxim Defense has just officially launched the new 5.56 frangible round, and is available on their website at

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