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Shot 2022: Night Vision Incorporated launches New Units, Gear.

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The year is 2022. Night Vision Incorporated has just announced their new unit that integrates Night Vision and Thermal technology into a single unit. Life is Good.


A new fixed-bridge goggle, with a housing by AB Night Vision, the RPNVG. The bridge of the Goggle with panoramic adjustments gives the user a customizable wider field of view and a traditional 40 degrees forward-facing setting. Each pod slides for Inter-pupillary adjustments, and the individual pods can be outfitted with a variety of tubes and lenses for optimizing performance, minimizing weight, or meeting a budget.

Night Vision Inc. RPNVG
The RPNVG is built on the AB Night Vision Pano Housing.

With an IR light integrated, the button that operates the illuminator is protected by a shield to reduce the possibility of an accidental discharge, and designates it apart from the power button.

Night Vision Inc. RPNVG

Depending on optics, the RPNVG will begin in the $7,000's, and reach into the $13,000 price range with higher end internals.

The Mini Mono

Ruggedized and coming in around 60 grams lighter than a traditional PVS-14, the new Mini Mono incorporates many of the features desired when it comes to Night Vision. With options when it comes to optics, the single unit with withstand more abuse than the already respected monocular, and comes in at a price around $3,500-$4,500 range.

Night Vision Incorporated SAC-2 and Mini Mono
Night Vision Incoporated Mini Mono with SAC-2 sacrificial lens.


To answer the needs of the U.S. Military, Night Vision Incorporated is now offering a U.S. made, Berry compliant sacrificial sacrificial lenses for both PVS-31's and PVS-14 optics. Scratch-resistant, anti-reflection coated, and ruggedly constructed by a major U.S. Manufacturer, the Berry compliant version comes in at $125. The SAC-2 protects the lenses, whether in training using simunition rounds or airsoft, or in field conditions.

The Brick

A counterweight/accessory holder, the velcro enclosing attaches to the back of a helmet and can be integrated into a tether system that stretches over the center, integrating Goggle retention into the whole system.

TIP / Thermal Identification Patch

During daylight hours, or night time, those using thermal imaging can now identify their team members as well as distinguish them from another through callsigns via the Thermal Identification Patches by Night Vision Inc. By reflecting the cooler signature of the sky, when seen through a thermal camera, the patch will display the information on the Patch, in daylight or darkness.

Adaptable Vision System with Integrated Thermal Solution.

The ITS (Integrated Thermal Solution) will consist of four pieces: a thermal core with a lens, propriety fusion optics, and a micro OLED, and a beam combiner. Purchasers will be able to buy the articulating goggle, and later add the ITS or modules that use SWIR, FLIR, a mission recording camera.

NIght Vision INC AVS with ITS

The ITS can overlay using white-hot, black-hot, or outline thermal signatures, and overlay that image over the night vision image. The tolerances required to properly co-witness the thermal and night vision image capturing technology require the core of the housing to be made of metal, which will add a weight as well as increased ruggedness.

NIght Vision INC AVS with ITS
Cue Splinter Cell Theme Song.

Fusion technology has been around for a while, but integrating it into a goggle system has long remained within specific esoteric communities, and always brought a heat and weight problem. Seeking to break the curse, Night Vision Incorporated has taken a shot a dark magic, with an extremely capable fusion goggle, but we'll have to wait till 2023.

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