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spartan tattoopatriotic tattoo

Molon Labe
Artist: Wade Rogers
Blacklist Ink
Joplin, MO
Shad Burns: This tattoo represents my passions as a red-blooded American. The ammo is my love of firearms, hand loading, and shooting. The Spartan helmet represents “Molon Labe” or “come and take them!” (I dare you to try.) The punisher skull represents fighting for and making things right for those who cannot. I’m not law enforcement or military, but the flag is to honor those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for all of our God-given rights as Americans.

wing tattoo1911 tattoo

Flag and Eagle Wings
Artist: Hugo
Heroic Ink Tattoo
Ames, IA
Paul Morgan: This is my American flag and eagle wing tattoo done by Hugo at Heroic Ink in Ames, Iowa. The flag, shown torn and tattered, was created from the flag flown for the entire year I was deployed in Iraq in ’04-’05. The dog tags are replicas of my father’s, my grandfather’s, and mine — we’ve all served in the military during time of war.

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