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Trails Found: Sig Optics Zulu 9 Binos

We're about a week out from the Trails Found event and gear is beginning to arrive (check hashtag #TrailsFound16 on Instagram to see it as it comes in). Today we got word we'll be using some Sig Electro Optics. Being a little more on the embarrassing (even questionable) side of Gear Curious than most folks, that put some steam into our stride. We're not entirely sure what's en route, and we won't actually have it in hand until we hit the Dragoon Mountains, but we do know there are some Sig Optics Zulu 9 Binos in there — and that makes us happy as a horny monkey with two peckers.

Zulu 9s come in two types, 9 x 45 and 11 x 45. We're apparently to receive the latter model.

Both are built using HD and HT glass (High Definition and High Transmittance, respectively), which we're told provides superb resolution and superior performance in the field. They're protected by what they call Spectracoat, Lensarmor, and Lenshield. These are intended to shed water and oil, mitigate reflection, and in general let the optics take a beating without impeding performance.


Want the full big brain speak on why we're looking forward to trying them out? You can visit their technology page to read about these and other Sig Electro Optic. About the only thing not to like on the whole damn page is the unfortunate use of the standard “game changer” aphorism, but hell, it makes their point.

More as we use them.

Just can't wait to hear about the Zulu 9s? Here's a review of the Zulu 7s, below, and you can read what The American Rifleman had to say about them right here.


If you gotta buy one, and  right now, you can find 'em on Brownell's,, Optics Planet, and some other sites.

Here's what Sig Optics has to say.

Sig Optics Zulu 9 Binos.

Next to a zeroed rifle, a clear and bright pair of binoculars is the best piece of gear you can have. The ZULU9 combines superior optical performance with in-the-field utility. High quality glass, fully multi-coated Spectracoat lenses, and phase-coated Abbe-Konig prisms provide maximum brightness, contrast and crisp resolution. The ZULU9 performs in the harshest conditions, giving unmatched performance in inclement weather or rugged terrain. ZULU9 barrels are nitrogen-filled and will not fog in cold, wet weather.

You can find Sig Optics online here or on Facebook here: /sigoptics/. Follow them on Instagram, @sigoptics.

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