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SIG Sauer P320-XTEN COMP: Tame The Beast

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The next evolution in the SIG XTEN lineup is the XTEN Comp! If you need something with more power but still in a carry size and controllable, the XTEN Comp comes featured loaded and ready for whatever you can throw at it.

How does it compare to the bigger XTEN? Let’s find out.


  • CALIBER: 10mm Auto
  • MAGS INCLUDED: (2) 15rd Steel Mag
  • SIGHTS: XRAY3 Day/Night Sights
  • RX FOOTPRINT PRO: (DeltaPoint Pro)
  • PISTOL: Compact
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 7.6 in [193 mm]
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.4 in [36 mm]
  • HEIGHT: 5.6 in [142 mm]
  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.8 in
  • WEIGHT: 32.3 oz (916 g) w/magazine
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 5.7 in (145 mm)
  • TRIGGER TYPE: Flat Striker Fired
  • GRIP MODULE: Polymer XCarry
  • GRIP MATERIAL: Standard Polymer
  • GRIP COLOR: Black
  • BARREL MATERIAL: Carbon Steel
  • SLIDE FINISH: Nitron®
  • SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel


This review is short and sweet — the XTEN Comp is pretty great and I recommend it.

I’ve reviewed the normal XTEN before this and loved it. The XTEN Comp is almost the same thing, but better.

The two huge differences is that this is a shorter slide and has a comp built into the slide. If you’ve seen or shot the SIG P365 XMACRO Comp, it’s the same style comp.

This XTEN is a Compact version with a 3.8-inch barrel and 7.6-inch slide Vs. the full-size non-comp model with a 5.0-inch barrel and 8.5-inch slide. Basically, the shorter slide, shorter barrel, and comp make this ideal for actually carrying with you. Be it for EDC or something like bear and wildlife protection, the XTEN Comp is easier to ruck and easier to shoot under pressure.

Optic mounting is basically the same across the P320 family and has screw points for RMR and DPP optics. The grips are modular with more options being added as things get popular, but the base grip for the XTEN isn’t bad at all. 

The trigger isn’t super impressive, but it’s a flat-faced 90-degree break that is a solid wall after a bit of mush to get there. Reset is fairly short and very pronounced. 

Basically, this is simply a good gun. 

15-rounds of 10mm is a good chunk of firepower, but the downfall of 10mm has always been the recoil. The XTEN Comp helps take a huge bite out of that felt recoil and muzzle flip.

Fist-size groups at 15 yards with rapid fire isn’t majorly hard. 

While the comp of the XTEN isn’t the most aggressive comp I’ve ever shot, it takes a big bite out of the recoil and helps keep the gun on target. Even with iron sights, getting rapid follow-up shots is much faster and easier than with any other 10mm pistol that has passed through my hands.

From S&B range ammo to spicy Hornady Custom Hunter and Hornady Critical Defense, the XTEN Comp has ate every type of ammo I could throw at it without a single problem.


Featuring the same optics cut as on the normal P320s, the XTEN Comp can take Leupold Delta Point Pro footprint optics or Trijicon RMR footprint. 

This gives you a lot of options for what to mount on top, or you can just stay with the iron sights.

The iron sights are the SIG XRAY3 Day/Night sights and work really well. Easy to acquire, easy to shoot, the basic irons are surprisingly good even with 10mm recoil.

Generally speaking, 10mm is hard on optics. So if you do mount one, be sure to pick something known for durability. The SIG Romeo2 is what SIG recommends and worked wonderfully on my full-size XTEN.


Nothing soaks recoil like mass. A heavy gun is a low-recoiling gun, that’s just physics. While the XTEN Comp is smaller than the full-size XTEN, the comp makes up for the lack of mass and helps the XTEN Comp have less recoil and less muzzle flip.

The other benefit: it’s just easier to carry. 

To me, 10mm guns have always been the near-perfect bear-gun for the backwoods. Sure, they aren’t 12ga 3-inch magnum slugs, but for something, you can hold in one hand — the 10mm makes the most sense.

Power, capacity, and still controllable. 

The SIG XTEN Comp helps push that balance even more in your favor by cutting down the size of the pistol making it easier to carry in a pack, fanny pack, chest rig, or however else you want to ruck it in the woods.


I really dig the XTEN Comp and for me, it has replaced the larger XTEN as my “bear gun”. I still really like the full-size XTEN, but the smaller size and addition of a comp make the XTEN Comp just make more sense for my uses.

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