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SIG SAUER Website Updates Reveal SHOT 2019 Releases

SIG SAUER updated its website this morning ahead of SHOT Show 2019, and with it, the company was kind enough to post its 2019 catalog that includes some interesting, unreleased products. We had a quick look through the catalog and found a few new pistols, new versions of the MCX and MPX, new rangefinder binos, a new hard-use, red-dot weapon sight, and a new modular pistol silencer.

On the pistol front, there's a few new P320 configurations including revised XVTAC and XFull models, both featuring optic plate cutouts, and in addition to the XSeries line, the XCompact. It features a compact version of the XSeries grip, called the XCompact grip module, the XSeries flat trigger, and an optic-ready slide containing a 3.6-inch barrel.


There's a new version of the MCX called the Canebrake, which is a 5.5-inch barreled AR pistol chambered in 300 Blackout that looks like it ships with a dummy 7.62 can as a placeholder for the can SIG's hoping you'll order along with it.

Canebrake 5.5 300 BLK-WM

The Copperhead is SIG's ultra-compact 3.5-inch barreled MPX configuration.Copperhead-WM

The Kilo 3000 BDX binocular rangefinder is part of SIG's growing ecosystem of BDX Bluetooth connected optics. The 10×42 binos claim rangefinding capability of 1500 yards for deer, 2000 yards for vegetation, and up to 5000 yards for reflective targets. That's pretty impressive on its own, but if you take advantage of the bino's BDX (ballistic data exchange) connection to a BDX scope, your reticle will show the proper elevation for your lased target without turning a dial.

Kilo BDX Binos-WM

The Romeo8T is a mil-spec red-dot that's rumored to be part of SIG's DoD next generation machine gun submission. The 1x sight has a large, 38-millimeter window, ballistic drop reticle, .5 MOA adjustments, a titanium protective shroud, motion activation, flip cap lens covers, IPX-8 (submersible) waterproof rating, and a 10+ year battery life.


Lastly, SIG's releasing a highly modular, 3D printed, titanium-baffled silencer in two calibers called the MOD-X9 and MOD-X45. The new 9mm can includes 1/2-28 and M13.5×1 LH pistons, as well as a fixed barrel spacer for use with pistol caliber carbines.

MOD-X9 Pistol Can-WM       MOD Can Chart-WM

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