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Sights for my Glock

I've been mulling over various sights lately; I want to put a set on the Glock I carry every day, another on a Glock I recently purchased, and a third set on my M&P 9mm.

Which ones to pick though? There are as many different kinds of sights out there as there are schools of though regarding why each one is better. Nate Murr recommended Hienie Straight 8 Slant Pros. Kim Heath suggested Heinie Ledge Sights, which is what she apparently has on all her pistols with the exception of one. That one has 10-8 Performance sights (as do those of two of the guys I frequently shoot with). Dave Merrill went a step further, openly mocking me for having stock sights on any weapon and then suggested Trijicon HDs. Frank Proctor uses his Way of the Gun Y Notch sights and a couple other guys I know use the I.C.E. Claw ProGlo EMS. If that's not enough of a variety, Matt Graham equips his Glock with Ameriglo Pro IDOTs.

There are additional questions of course. Some people like night sights. Some people hate 'em. Do you need sights that allow for a suppressor? If so, what then? What if you're running an RMR – 3 dot sights or blacked out?

Lots of choices. Lots of things to consider. It's enough to make your head hurt – or maybe that's just the lingering remnant of the last time I was on the range. What do you do if a couple different guys you really admire offer conflicting advice?

Well, first you try them out (assuming you have that luxury), same as when you're trying to pick out a handgun. Seek input, but never blindly follow anyone's advice – to that end over the coming weeks I'm going to try out some different styles of sight.

I'll eventually switch them out for suppressor-friendly sights and may have it milled for an RMR, I'm just not sure yet. In the meantime, though, I'm curious; what sights do you use, and why? More to the point, did you try any others and discard them – if so, why? Are there any sights I didn't mention that you'd like to know more about?

Hit me up in the comment section and we'll get a dialogue going. I can't be the only one somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices.

Proctor Sights 6

Proctor Sights 1

Proctor Sights 4If you're interested, the pistol in these pictures is a Glock 17 cut down to G19 size in the grip (giving me the slightly smaller grip of a 19 with the sight radius of a 17). It has a threaded Storm Lake barrel. The grip was stippled by Gunworx; now I'm having it Cerakoted by Brothers in Arms Armory. The sights are Frank Proctor's new Y notch fiber optics sights.

Proctor Sights 3

Proctor Sights 2






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