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SilencerCo Maxim Vice: we did NOT hear this coming

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SilencerCo recently hosted an event called Maxim Vice. They released four new products, all of which were impressive and one of which surprised us all.

Traveling down to Key West Florida, I had a few ideas on what SilencerCo might be releasing. Shooting their revolutionary shotgun suppressor, the Salvo 12, last year left me with more than a few suspicions regarding what they might've been working on. For instance, the stackable, user configurable design of the Salvo 12 would lend itself well to other silencers, but…

Honestly I did not hear this coming.

Joshua Waldron, Silencerco's CEO, performed the product unveiling on stage Monday night. The theme of this year's release was a throwback to the 1980s, specifically the Miami Vice television series. Waldron stood with four clear display cases, uncovering one at a time to talk about each new product.

As about a dozen “Sonny Crocketts” (myself included) and pastel clad writers snapped pictures, anticipation grew. We were already amazed by the first three boxes (which we'll explain below), but the fourth was the most impressive. When Mr. Waldron pulled the cloth on that case back, he revealed the world's first integrally suppressed 9mm handgun for commercial sale!


The teaser-release party spilled out onto the Casa Marina resort’s beach where writers and photographers discussed the new designs. Silencerco would be taking us out to sea in the morning to get some hands-on, live fire experience with the new gear while in international waters. The new lineup was impressive, and conversations died off as the band started playing a mix of 80’s and current hits. For a moment, while standing in the sand in my white boat shoes and matching white linen suit, I felt like it really was 1986. But maybe that was the mojitos changing the channel.


Out at sea on a massive catamaran, SilencerCo hoisted the sail and we crossed into international waters. In the no-man’s land of empty ocean, we proceeded to shoot various suppressed guns at targets towed behind the boat's stern. Nazi zombies, terrorists and an improbably giant gator took whispering hits from .22LR, 9mm and even a .45-70. A large great white shark target got thrown out for the grand finale before we headed back to dry land. The USS Maxim Vice proved to be one of the most interesting ranges I had ever shot on.


I understand that by this point, no one cares that I had an awesome time, and only wants to hear about the new products, so I’ll grant that wish. This is going to be another big year for SilencerCo.


The first product we’ll look at, is the Maxim 9 pistol. The company has been working extensively on this firearm for a long time, and they have finally cracked the code on making an internally suppressed handgun that lives up to today’s standards. The Maxim 9 is currently built around a unique slide and barrel setup, which is enclosed in the front by the suppressor body. The prototypes we shot all used highly modified Smith and Wesson M&P frames housing the magazine and fire control group. The rest of the weapon is completely fabricated in-house. SilencerCo's plans to have it's own pistol frame ready in time for the pistol launch. The pistol feels and points like any other non-suppressed semi-automatic, and shoots that way, as well.


The Maxim 9 has a great balance, and if not for the lack of ear-ringing concussion, one would forget it's even suppressed. The company tells us that it is hearing safe with all factory ammo, and that proved true for all the ammo we shot. The pistol hopefully will only have one serial number when it ships, as the BATFE is still debating on how to rule on the permanently suppressed design. The firearm will have the added ability to attach lights, lasers and a series of other accessories in final form. They've even gone as far as to partner with Raven Concealment Systems to make a special holster for the pistol.

That's right, a suppressed, duty grade handgun that you can wield and holster, all in about the same length as a Glock 34. You will be seeing more about this gun in early 2016, most likely at SHOT show.


The next product That I had the opportunity to shoot was the new Osprey Micro. This compact silencer is designed to shoot all rimfire rounds, even the magnum, and is full auto rated. The Osprey Micro comes from the factory set up in its 4.6-inch configuration and provides all necessary means to reduce it down to an impressive 3.1-inch overall length. The can borrows certain design features from its big-brother center fire brethren along with the modular size adaptability found in the Salvo 12. Both configurations are hearing safe and will fit a wide array of pistols and rifles. Shooting a Smith and Wesson .22 pistol, I was surprised that the 3.1-inch can was so quiet. In all reality most people that buy this can will likely set it up in its smallest form and leave it there.


The Osprey Micro uses a special quick change adapter to change host guns, and will also have its own special RCS holsters for carriage. The flat sight picture, tiny size and minimalist 4.3-ounces of the short configuration will be a win with shooters everywhere. They will start shipping next month.


Next up I had the chance to shoot The Hybrid, A multi-caliber suppressor that handles everything from .22LR to .45-75 and everything in between This silencer will be released at SHOT and will likely become a new favorite for everyone shooting oddball calibers. The shooter can use existing SilencerCo products to adapt the Hybrid to work on a pistol or a rifle. The sound reduction is partially controlled by specialty, caliber specific end caps. Shooting the Hybrid on a series of pistols, rifles and most notably a .45-70 lever action turned the towed targets into Swiss cheese –all while remaining hearing safe. I suddenly didn't feel bad that I left my ear pro back in the hotel

The last product shown was a tough one to use on the open water, so I was limited to handling it; the Radius rangefinder. This weapon mountable, one mile capable rangefinder will take three separate readings and help you discover your true range. The two CR123 batteries that power it will last for 12 hours in a continuous reading mode, allowing big game hunters and long range competitors to be their own spotter. The laser has a visible beam for easy zeroing to the host weapon and a separate, slaved IR laser to collect the data. With a price tag below one grand, this bold departure from “just silencers” is a great start for the new SilencerCo Weapons Research branch. I had limited time with this unit, but it appears to be built like a tank, without the weight of one. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a though review soon, as they are going on pre-order now and will be shipping in October.

Overall, I had a great time at the Maxim Vice event, and am impressed with all the new products. The fact that SilencerCo has successfully developed what appears to be a reliable, internally suppressed centerfire handgun is not lost on me, nor do I think it will be on the market. The new suppressors will be available in months, not years, which is a testament to SilencerCo's commitment to advancing firearm technology. You can learn more about these new products on their website.

The Osprey Micro:

The SWR Radius:

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