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Situational Awareness – a reminder from Armed and Feminine

You can live an observant life with good situational awareness without looking like part of a PSD team in a warzone.

No, seriously. For instance, here in this video from Armed and Feminine are some common sense, uncommonly practiced (by either gender) routines you can use while out and about. As Matt Jacques says in his explanation of the Blue Collar OODA Loop,

“I don’t want you to insert paranoia for situational awareness. There is no need for you to do through life day to day with your hand on your pistol, skittish as an abused animal. I want you to keep your head up and your wits about you.”

Or, as Ms. Pidgeon puts it,

“Don't be a victim…it's your life, protect it.”

Already practice this video's sort of SA? Recommend it to some kids or friends. Someone you know needs the reminder; might be particularly timely since so many are now headed back to school!

Hat tip to Gordon Meehl.

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