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Trending now at 1MOA – Skills Software and Shooting Standards

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Trending now at 1MOA – Skills Software and Shooting Standards

A Sponsored Disquisition by Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions and Fire4Effect Weapon Systems LLC

I recently concluded a private Defensive Carbine1 class with a student whose only previous shooting experience was a Tactical Response1 course. He had a solid understanding of the basics and we set out to refine his skills. By the end of the day we’d shaved some of his carbine standards scores in half, his shot groups were noticeably better and he was successfully engaging the target while moving.

Those were some massive changes from the beginning of the day. It was gratifying to see the progression in action.

Afterward I began thinking about recent trends I've noticed as a instructor. These aren't specific to particular class I previously referenced, but more general observation.

Reloads as a Fundamental Skill and Measure of Confidence

1. Some instructors are glossing over reloads. They've made statements to the effect that reloads shouldn't be the focus when a student has limited training time. I agree to a point. However, that only seems reasonable until your student struggles with reloading and can't get the gun back into the fight. Putting time into working the reload process ensures they aren’t fumbling about when they need to be getting the new mag into the magwell and the weapon into battery. The ability to get the gun up also increases overall confidence with the rifle.

If they aren’t dropping magazines or trying to bang a mag in backwards because they’re frustrated there’s a better chance they’ll retain the information you’re presenting.

Trending Now - Skills Software and Shooting Standards

Quantification: Shot timers, Base Standards, Accuracy Drills

2. Shot timers and base standards are your friend. In every class I instruct, students list using a shot timer. This sends them home with hard, quantifiable data they can train against as a win. It sucks to hear s student say “I spent hundreds of dollars with _____ and left without a clue how I did.” Timers, with the provision of accuracy standards and drills they can perform on their own, are a good thing.


Software Over Hardware — Always

3. An instructor cannot stress “software or hardware” often or earnestly enough. Software is (or should) be the priority for a student’s investment of time, money, and resources. I am by no means the fastest shooter I know, but I am consistent, regardless of what rifle I’m shooting. When I’m teaching .MIL specific courses, I run it with an issued M4 and Aimpoint, Inc. CompM4 optic. In my other courses I use an American Defense MFG UIC Mod 2 rifles. There is a significant different between these two rifles. Putting in the time and ammo to master basic weapon manipulation allows me to switch back and forth without issue.

Counsel and Instruct

Be a voice of informed reason, on the range and off. Discourage (without disparaging) students from dropping $3k on a high-end carbine before spending dollars and bullets just learning how to shoot. The latest and greatest rifle will do them no good if the guy with the $600 AK can outshoot them because he’s put in the training time.


1 This is neither an endorsement nor a criticism of that class or training institution, just a statement of fact.


“We just finished up a G23 with a Rule fIVe slide, PVD camo finish and a Trijicon, Inc. RMR cut. The frame has our Kryptek stippling pattern with recessed edges, undercut trigger guard and foliage green cerakote on the frame. We also added our match performance trigger, a storm lake drop in barrel and XS suppressor height sights.” Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems LLC 

1MOA Solutions is headquartered in El Paso. 1MOA can be contacted Facebook here or on Instagram, @1MOAsolutions.

1MOA Solutions founder and lead instructor Adam Wilson is a US Army veteran of numerous combat deployments. Although his primary background is in reconnaissance and small unit operations, he has over the course of his career served as an assault team leader, Sniper Section Leader, and Small Arms Master Gunner directly responsible for the training of Soldiers during combat operations. He's a graduate of SELC (Sniper Employment Leaders Course), Short Range Marksmanship (SRM) and Small Arms Master Gunner (SAMG) courses, as well as the Army Marksmanship Unit's SDM (Squad Designated Marksman) and Rifle Instructor courses. A member of the Ashbury Precision Marksmanship Team on his “own time” and a SNCO on the Army's, Wilson's last active duty billet as an assignment as a Small Arms Master Gunner responsible for testing and evaluation weapon platforms and TTPs on the Army's. He currently serves as an instructor at the Texas Army National Guard Regional Training Institute conducting SAMG, SRM and SDM courses. Wilson is the Rangemaster and Chief Instructor for Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems LLC, which can also be found on Instagram (@fire4effectllc) and on Facebook, and recently became a father, having recently (in conjunction with his wife) introduced a new small human to the world (congratulations, guys).



“Here's a look at a G19 Gen 3 with the Fire 4 Effect 2-3 Actual slide package, a Trijicon, Inc. RMR and a KKM threaded match grade barrel with compensator. We also added a custom cerakote finish and suppressor height sights. The frame features our microdot stippling pattern, a undercut trigger guard and our flat trigger bow match trigger.” Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems LLC

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