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I Skull AAC Girl

AAC (Advanced Armament Company) has shared some pictures over on their blog of some gals and guys enjoying some range time wearing some of their new Limited Supply AAC Clothing.

If you want to see more of the new shirts and tanks from AAC head over to their website:

3 responses to “I Skull AAC Girl”

  1. Jordan Lee says:

    Heading on the article is off – “I Skull ACC Girl”
    did you mean, “I Skull AAC Girl”

  2. Katerina Schload says:

    Hey, thats me:) smile! That was a superfun day with the AAC team. More fun times to come…Thank you, RECOIL magazine for being amazing !!! Yours truly, Katerina Schload

  3. alfred arreguin says:

    what does “i skull” mean anyway. your awesome aac girl.

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