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Sneak Peak at Atibal’s New 1-10x Riflescope and Reticle

A 1-10x first focal plane scope priced at $799 MSRP? Is that a typo?

No, it's not. Atibal has made its mark pushing the price-performance ratio in riflescopes, in particular offering low power variable optics in 1-4x, 1-6x, and 1-8x flavors at head-scratchingly low prices.

Atibal now has its sights set on the 1-10x zoom range.


At TriggrCon 2018, we caught up with them and looked at a prototype of their new 1-10x scope, dubbed the Atibal X. It has a first focal plane reticle — the reticle appears to enlarge as you zoom the scope, so the markings and subtensions of the reticle remain consistent on target from 1x to 10x power. The zoom ring has a throw lever to make it easy to turn; unlike many scopes that have a long lever that extends straight out from the scope like the helm of a boat, the X has a paddle-type lever that's much more low profile while still providing good surface area to grasp.


The tube is a hefty 35mm in diameter, housing multi-coated ED (extra low dispersion) glass, for reduced chromatic aberration and improved clarity and light transmission. The prototype had capped turrets, but the production scope will have quick-locking turrets to allow you to make adjustments easily without fear of inadvertently bumping and turning them. The turrets adjust in 1/10 mil increments.


Speaking of mils, Atibal gave us an exclusive first look at the reticle that'll come in the production scope, shown above (to those who were at TriggrCon in Seattle, this isn't the reticle that was in the prototype). You saw it here first. It features a 0.25 mil center dot, as well as vertical and horizontal mil scales with hash marks every mil. The center dot and a thick segmented diamond are illuminated in green — it's not fully daylight bright, but we're talking about a 1-10x FFP scope for less than $800 here! It has ten brightness levels with off positions between each setting on the side-mounted dial. Even without daylight bright illumination, the diamond and the thick pointed posts help draw your eye on target for quick engagements and hosing at 1x. As you zoom in, the outer portions of the FFP reticle peel away, leaving you with the mil scales for ranging and hold overs.

The scope's current specs include a field of view of 1.9 to 18.7 degrees (10.1 to 101 feet at 100 yards), exit pupil of 3 to 15mm, eye relief of 3.6 to 5.5 inches, overall length of just over 10 inches, and weight of around 21 ounces.

With a lifetime warranty, the Atibal X is expected to ship in the winter of 2018.

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