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Outta the Closet – Sneaky Bags Spyder

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The problem with rifle bags is that they look like rifle bags. As their name indicates, one company’s mission is to provide discreet carry solutions for weapons and other sensitive items. A while back a Sneaky Bags createed a line of simple but functional nylon bags that don’t scream for attention for the armed professional. Today we're pulling one of those, the Sneaky Bags Spyder, outta the closet to take another look at it


The Spyder Covert Rifle bag comes in Small (27 in.), Medium (31 in.), and Large (3 in.) for SBRs, SMGs, and some carbines. Made of 1000D nylon, the Spyder uses metal hardware, milspec webbing, and is fitted with locking zippers.


The oval bag can be carried as a briefcase, quiver, or backpack, and would fit right in with sporting goods bags. The main compartment can hold two rifles using wide tie down straps, with a removable padded divider to protect the rifles. The divider also has elastic bands for magazines or other gear. A smaller secondary compartment is lined with a MOLLE/hook & loop grid, allowing the user flexibility in adding pouches. A third external compartment is also lines with the MOLLE/hook & loop grid grid. Both external compartments also have mesh organizers on the flaps for additional gear. Optional colors currently include black, medium navy, and charcoal.


Learn more about the Spyder here on their website, though be advised it looks like they're currently sold out of several styles. It looks like they're running some sort of Fall sale on certain products.

Sneaky Bags Spyder, From the manufacturer's description:

Building on the success of the earlier Covert Rifle Bag, we bring you the SPYDER, a speedier “Chopped” version of the original design.We kept the features that end users loved and added some new ones for even more versatility.

The external dimensions have been reduced to facilitate even more covert carry of a variety of smaller weapons systems such as SBR's PDW's, and SMG's or to get the smallest package possible when transporting broken down weapons. The Spyder can still pass for a generic sports bag bag or outdoor bag in a wide variety of environments thanks to its non-descript ovoid shape and external cosmetics.


  • Made of 1000D Nylon 
  • Milspec webbing
  • Locking zippers on main weapons compartment
  • Can be carried like a Quiver or Backpack  or have the straps removed and carried like a briefcase.
  • New padded and removable internal divider that can store/organize magazines and other small items.
  • Main weapons compartment  has full clamshell stype access 
  • Main weapons compartment has tie down straps and sleeves to keep broken down weapons and oddly shaped items from shifting during transport.
  • MOLLE/Hook & Loop grid in the extermal pockets accepts all MOLLE compatible accessories on the market.( We like the ones we make but any other manufacturers product should do fine as well.)
  • Mesh organizers in external pockets.
  • Metal hardware

In the SPYDER, we have seen the folowing Weapon Systems fit without magazine inserted and an optic attached:

  • Some MK 18 style (AR15) type rifles with the stock fully collapsed. 

  • LAW tactical folding  stock equipped AR15s with up to a 16 inch barrel.

  • Kriss Arms

  • Side Folding AKM style rifles

  • Side Folding FN SCAR 

  • Broken down M4/MK18

  • MP5

  • Some Short barrel breaching shotguns. 

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