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Snipers Unknown Challenge: The Fenix Strategies Approach

Established in 2017, Fenix Strategies, is a consulting organization, which provides training, security, and risk management solutions. Offering this training to individual, local and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. They specialize in identifying capability gaps and designing solutions to exploit those vulnerabilities. Drawing from years of experience in Special Operations and law enforcement, the cadre at Fenix applies a common sense and realistic approach to all training. Priding themselves in avoiding range theatrics; instead focusing on the basics.

What sets the Snipers Unknown Challenge apart from any other sniper competition, is their approach. The usual sniper competition consists of some type of physical event combined with your run of the mill precision rifle match. Other matches feature little skill craft or real-world application and are heavier on reliance on equipment and gear to get the job done.

Fenix’s goal was to create an event that was as much of a mental test as it was a precision rifle competition. Additionally, they wanted to level the playing field between sponsored shooters and the everyday joe.


So What Does That Mean?
All stages will be set to simulate real-world scenarios. The courses of fire will test and validate the team’s overall shooting skills, judgment, teamwork, and tactics. Don’t expect perfectly laid out stages and restrictive shooting boxes. Rumor has it that a stage might be shot from a moving watercraft.

The Facility
Fenix Strategies teamed up with The Clinton House Plantation in Clinton, South Carolina. Normally a hunting preserve, Clinton House provides 2000 acres of maintained shooting ranges, woodland, and water features. Expect to see stages shot from all the terrain available.

Event Breakdown:
Title: Snipers Unknown Challenge
Intended for: Long range enthusiasts
Location: The Clinton House Plantation, Clinton, S.C.
When: October 5-7, 2018
Registration closes: October 1st, 2018
Facebook page for updates:

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