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Social Media Post Dooms Elite Commando

Well, that’s a dammit.

The video comes to you from Wornies, which is online here.

Now, as an aside, because we try to have a decent word count so our website SEO doesn’t suffer, we’ll tell you about the word commando. People use the word today as a term for someone from an elite or specialized military unit — think doorkicker, pipe-hitter, trigger-puller, snake-eater, SOF (Special Operations Forces) soldier or SMU (Special Mission Unit) operator. In its initial form it referred to Boer militia fighters, from the Portuguese word comando, from commander ‘to command’, from the late Latin commandare. A Boer commando was a basic unit of militia, usually comprised of superb Boer riflemen and horsemen, frequently named for the town or region from whence they were recruited, but also named for the man commanding it.

For instance,

“Our military organisation was a rough one. Each commando was divided into two or more field-cornetcies, and these again were subdivided into corporalships. A field-cornetcy was supposed to contain 150 to 200 men, and a corporalship nominally consisted of 25, but there was no fixed rule about this, and a popular field-cornet or corporal might have twice as many men as an unpopular one, for a burgher could elect which officer he wished to serve under, and could even choose his own command, although generally he would belong to one representing the town or district from which he came.

In the Pretoria commando, we divided ourselves into corporalships by a kind of selective process, friends from the same government department or from the Saran part of the town pooling their resources in the way of cooking utensils, etc., and in this manner creating separate little groups that in course of time came to be recognised as military units.” Deneys Reitz, God Does Not Forget

Boer Riflemen

Boer riflemen, courtesy of The Last Voortrekker

Of course, it can also mean going without underwear.

Now you know.

Wornies is, in their own words, an…

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Wornies promotes and reports on different events and entertainment content all over the internet. Wornies also provides promotional services for creative people, organisations and companies and provides a platform for people to promote themselves and their creative work.”

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