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Sparrows Halo Points and Chaos Card

Sparrows a purveyor of lock picks and assorted related items has some new gear out.

smooth edge CHAOS card

The items on the card are only held in with a sliver of metal making it easy to separate the required parts.

The break away components of this wallet sized Chaos Card includes:

1. Short Hook for single pin picking
2. Triple Peak for raking
3. Auto Rocker/Jiggler for car locks
4. Short Wafer Pick for wafer locks
5. Four and Five comb pick for lifting pins
6. Tension wrench to apply pressure to the pins
7. Stabby Thing (If you are questioning if this really is a “stabby thing” ask a Prison Guard for their opinion)
8. Handcuff Key – works on regulation handcuffs Smith & Wesson, Peerless ….Others

The handcuff key only has half of the barrel that goes into the keyhole.  Its all that is required to unlock most cuffs.


These knives can be used as a last ditch self defense tool or a cool way of opening your mail.

The Halo Points harken back to the days of the OSS Lapel Dagger.

There are 5 different models that can be bought separately or in a set.  These are designed to fit in a survival tin, behind a belt buckle, tucked behind a boot band etc.  At $15 these are a steal for a a small little tuck anywhere knife.  It is also a great project to learn to make a leather or kydex sheath for these.

As Sparrows puts it “THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING RIGHTFULLY BEATEN WITH A BATON.”  These products are designed for illegal restraint or playing around with a lock you legally have the right to use.  As for the knives know your local laws about concealing these.  Same goes with lock picking equipment some places require you to have a lock smithing license to carry them.  You can be charged with carrying burglary tools in those places if you are not registered.

If your interested in some of the other lock defeating gear head on over to their website here.  If you would like to see some articles on lock picking in the future let us know in the comments.  Locks are only designed to keep honest people out or slow thieves down.  Not all locks are made equal and even everyone's favorite Masterlock has lots of ways to easily bypass them.


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