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Special NRA Life of Duty Holiday Membership

This holiday season the National Rifle Association is doing a big push to promote NRA Life of Duty Memberships. Memberships are free — a gift provided by the generous donations from NRA members — and include magazine subscriptions, gear discounts and more. All servicemen and women have to do to receive these benefits is sign up. In the spirit of giving, they are encouraging people to sign up themselves and asking them spread the word; let a friend or family member know, or make a donation to sponsor someone else' membership.

Details to join are here; it's an excellent service for military, LEOs and First Responders with many benefits.  Take a look. Oh, and by the way, if you're not watching Patriot Profiles, you're missing out. Visit to view their complete collection of documentaries.

Special one-year memberships are available free of charge to all active-duty military, law enforcement and first responder personnel. Membership includes deep gear discounts from major brands, a subscription to the NRA American Warrior digital magazine and more. Members may also qualify for $27,500 in combined group specified accident only insurance coverage. Please help spread the word about this valuable resource!


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