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Tactical Instruction Manuals from Special Tactics

Knowledge is power. And while the internet has put massive quantities of information at our fingertips, sometimes sorting through the quality of said information feels like more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for books, blogs and other sources that put accessible, high-quality information in a convenient package.

Enter Special Tactics. The team at ST is composed of current and former SMEs from both the law enforcement and military communities who have taken up the task of putting legitimate information about tactics and training into a format that is both well-composed and, more importantly, easily digestible for those who don’t have a high-speed low-drag background.

ST corner fed room

They currently have a fully operational website at as well as a line of print books available for order. We’ve had the chance to read several of these books, and think they have a formula that is especially well-suited for those who are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of CQB tactics and techniques. Some of their material is specifically designed for military and LEO units, and sale of those volumes are restricted as such. But most of their material is fully accessible to responsible citizens, including volumes on single-person and two-person CQB tactics.

For those who already have a background in real-world CQB, none of the information will be revolutionary. But, in a way, that’s the point. Special Tactics volumes are intended to give readers a very meat-and-potatoes baseline of the risks and considerations that must be reflected upon before entering this kind of confrontation. In particular, the illustrations provided in their books are large, clean and just about impossible to misinterpret. There are chapters on the different types of rooms (center-fed versus corner fed), different entry methods (deep penetration versus limited penetration) and common dangers zones (stairwells, hallways, corners, etc). The text itself is written in everyday plain speak, avoids a lot of the acronyms, buzzwords, and slang that uniformed professionals had to learn the hard way.

ST room disgram

We were able to knock out a couple of these books on long flights between assignments. They would make great teaching tools or refresher materials for those who already have experience under their belts. For the rest of the world, the Special Tactics line of books and blog posts are a clean, easy-to-understand starting point for those looking to build their knowledge on this topic. Of course, reading does not replace training or rehearsals, but it is a great way to shorten your learning curve before heading into your first shoot-house or tactics class.

Initial ST product offerings started out with a focus on tactics, but they are quickly branching out into related areas of performance management and physical fitness with more subjects currently in the works. In addition to the books, Special Tactics is also working on an “online academy” format that will give you access to their knowledge and experience in a more interactive distance-learning methodology. Check out their website for more information, and stay tuned to RECOIL as we look to dig deeper into their offerings.

ST Manuals Stack

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