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S&S Precision makes Taco’s GRT

HSGI Taco pouches have been popular since they were released years ago, but one of the major complaints was how difficult they were to attach to gear. A couple of additional (and easier) attachment options have cropped up over the past few years (read more here) but adapting to non-MOLLE systems can be somewhat troublesome. This year at SOFIC, S&S Precision was on hand to show us another option. S&S Precision is not only known for their non-mom concealment jeans, but also for a whole series of lightweight (and non water retaining) carriage systems.


While S&S Precision offers a line of mag pouches (both skeletonized and more traditional), getting something as versatile as an HSGI Taco mounted was more cumbersome — at least it used to be.

Previously, one had to purchase a GRT (Gear Retention Track) adapter to physically attach a pouch. While it was a workable solution, S&S Precision noted that it was less than ideal as it added weight, cost, and bulk–so they teamed up with HSGI to bring you another option:


Instead of the standard HSG Clip, these Taco's now feature a GRT attachment built right in. To attach, you just slide the pouch right down the track. You feel a tactile click once it's locked it, and it stays in. To remove, simply push down on the locking tab and pull up. It takes about one second to attach and maybe two to remove. Of course it works with the S&S Precision GRT baseplate, but even if you don't use one you can still benefit.


The GRT equipped HSGI Taco with work with the rest of the S&S Precision line (that's kind of the point). Belt carrier? Yup. MOLLE attachment? Sure.




SS_HSGI005The GRT equipped HSGI Taco pouch will be available soon on S&S Precision's homepage. In the meantime you can visit them on Facebook or Instagram.


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