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State of the Art with Mad Minute Suppressors

When you spend enough time in the firearms industry, you tend to reach a point where not a lot really impresses you anymore. It is that rare occasion where something so innovative comes along that you are left scratching your head, wondering if what you just saw was real. That is the experience I got when I saw what Mad Minute had done with suppressors.

The Mad Minute suppressor was invented by a Special Operations veteran. The company was started out of a desire to create a more effective and efficient weapon suppressor system that was field maintainable. The name Mad Minute comes from the idea that whoever owns the first minute of combat engagement will determine the outcome of the fight.

Mad Minute said they used first-hand operational experience as a driving factor for innovation and teamed up with the U.S. Army’s Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (RIA-JMTC), the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States, to form a historic public-private partnership. The partnership consists of a streamlined design, prototype, testing, and redesign process with all manufacturing being done by RIA-JMTC.

Mad Minute Machine Gun Suppressor mounted on the FN249 SAW

Mad Minute Machine Gun Suppressor mounted on the FN249 SAW

During the week of SHOT Show 2019, Mad Minute demonstrated the functional capabilities of their suppressors using 5.56 and 7.62 belt-fed weapons systems. We're told the Mad Minute machine gun suppressor was placed on an FN249 squad machine gun and throughout the week 11,000 rounds of belt-fed ammunition were fired through the weapon without ever reaching the point of barrel glow or changing out the barrel. They told us the cooling system technology of the Mad Minute suppressor actually extends the barrel life.

Mad Minute Suppressors

Mad Minute Suppressors

Mad Minute claims they accomplish this with “active” technology that converts the explosive energy of a fired round into mechanical energy using a rotating turbine system. We're told this system not only suppresses sound to sub-140 dB absolute, but also reduces flash, heat, blowback, recoil, and pressure.

Mad Minute Suppressors

Mad Minute Suppressors

Furthermore, Mad Minute claims the “self-cleaning” turbines allow the suppressor to be submerged in water without negative impact to accuracy or performance. Test video by the manufacturer demonstrated the Mad Minute suppressor being full of water while mounted to the weapon. Upon firing the weapon, the water could be seen escaping the suppressor and completely cleared out after five rounds.

The modular turbine system can be completely broken down for cleaning and maintenance. The internal components can be disassembled and replaced by the operator, which greatly increases the sustainability of the suppressor.

Mad Minute suppressors are extremely lightweight with their titanium construction. They can be mounted direct-thread or with the Mad Minute leave-behind flash hider.

Mad Minute Suppressors Leave-Behind Mount

Mad Minute Suppressors Leave-Behind Mount

I hope to get some hands-on experience with the Mad Minute suppressor in the very near future to see if it really is all they claim it to be.

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