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It is with deep sorrow that I announce I am stepping down as editor of Recoil, effective immediately.

It is very difficult for me to walk away from something I helped create, something that I loved doing, and something I firmly believed would appeal to a fresh new generation of gun enthusiasts, but I accept that the comments in my story in the current issue have made my position as editor of Recoil untenable.

With that said, Recoil is bigger than any one person, and if my departure will allow Recoil to continue to grow and engage gun enthusiasts, then stepping down as editor is clearly the right thing for me to do.

I accept I made mistakes, and I apologize unreservedly for calling Recoil’s support for Second Amendment rights into question.

While I understand the passions aroused over this incident, the deeply hurtful words from some of my fellow gun enthusiasts have been painful to endure. I hope now we can all move on.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have supported me over the past few days. These are the people who know me to be at heart a passionate gun enthusiast whose dream was to make something bold and new in firearms media.

Jerry Tsai


  1. Rob Okray says:

    Perhaps now they can salvage what little is left of their reputation. Or not.

  2. Oak says:

    Galloway is next.

  3. Arin says:

    we aren’t your “fellow gun enthusiasts”. We are unapologetic freedom and liberty enthusiasts. It is the difference between your hobby-turned-job and our deep fundamental beliefs.

  4. The Guy 09 says:

    Sorry to hear this man. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Chuck says:

    This makes me sick. A man apologizes for his mistakes and, what I honestly think is a loud minority calls, for his head? This is the last good gun mag on the market as of now and to ostracize one of its founders leads to a situation of uncertainty in its future. For those who swear to never buy from advertisers of the mag in my response to these statements is to say this, good luck with your second rate products as even the manufactures knew from the beginning this is a superior publication that deserved recognition. Furthermore, the extremists who slaughtered the most recent publication are the ones who give a bad name to the gun community, we all believe is second amendment rights and fight for them, but good lord stop spray painting “trespassers will be shot” on your literal and figurative trailers, you give the rest of us a bad name. Mr. Tsai, I hope you are still involved in this project in some way and I hope that you do not allow people who lack the ability to forgive and understand get the best of you. As a closing statement i would like to simply say thank you for what you have given the community, and that others should be man enough to acknowledge a mistake and move on with Mr. Tsai never making that mistake again.

  6. John Uyeda says:

    I am sorry to see Mr. Tsai go. I wish him all the best in any future projects he may pursue. This is not the 2A community’s finest hour.

  7. sam ingle says:

    Well Mr Tsia I was hoping the gun world would give ya second chance most of us are good guys but we have been under assault for some time now and we have won a few battles but not the war. anytime some one doesn’t go lock step with the RKBA 2a then your against all of us.I really believe that H&k does bare some of this burden they just caused a man to step away from his dream with their gun snobbery ,I really dislike H&ks attitude towards the American gun owners
    Hope you will find a way to continue your passion

  8. Cole Herrington says:

    I bought Recoil #4 and read the article written by Mr. Tsai. I read it after seeing all the furor on Facebook over what Mr. Tsai wrote. I was not happy with his choice of words and thought they weren’t really appropriate for some one who claims they are a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. That being said I’m also willing to forgive him for what he said, ESPECIALLY after he apologized for the comments he made. I also believe his apology was sincere and am willing to give him a second chance. I am a Christan and it would not be right to not forgive someone when they apologize for their actions like Mr. Tsai has AMPLY done. I’m pretty sure he has learned a very valuable lesson from all of this, one that will stay with him for a very long time. We as gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters need to recognize what has transpired here and use this as a learning experience. I saw a lot of terrible comments directed at Mr. Tsai that were totally unwarranted and unbecoming of gun owners, 2nd Amendment supporters and Americans in general. I am very disappointed that comments like that came from a group with which I am a part of. As a 2nd Amendment supporter I believe the 2nd Amendment is ALL ENCOMPASSING and excludes NO weapon or arm of ANY type. I know there are several who agree with me and several who don’t and that’s ok. That is what makes America so great, that we CAN disagree and still be friends and civil toward one another. And thank GOD in Heaven that we still retain that right. So I say to you Mr. Tsai, I accept your apology and I’m sorry you are stepping down as editor of this magazine you helped to create. Is it the right decision? Only time will tell. Jerry, I also want to encourage you to KEEP supporting and ENJOYING your 2nd Amendment right. I still feel you have a lot to offer the gun community and the firearms industry and I hope you stay active in it both. It is also my sincere hope that this will all be quickly put behind you and that you will be able to get back to business and life in general in as peaceful a manner as possible. Thank you for what you have done for the gun community and the firearms industry. Trust me when I say GOD will put you were you need to be and where you can serve HIM best. Thank you sir and GOD Bless you!!!

  9. Jon says:

    Glad your quitting. The magazine will certainly still fail. Having someone like you on their team shows RECOIL’s judgement.

  10. Soct says:

    Glad to see you go. While you’re at it, move to England. They don’t have pesky things over there like, slimy handed civilians with guns, freedom and the Constitution. You know, the things that seem to annoy you so much.

  11. potwell says:

    A truly noble act, sir.

  12. Michael says:

    It’s unfortunate that it had to come to this, but it’s the world we live in nowadays — you have to pick a side. Too bad, because that’s not where most of us are in reality — we are liberal on some issues and conservative on others. But the loud ones don’t feel that way.

    I’ll still follow your magazine. Sorry you had to leave. Good luck.

  13. Gatlin Brown says:

    Your letter of intent showed dignity and honor. I wish more people would show such traits. Apology understood and accepted.

  14. Former Army Combat Medic (Airborne) says:

    Don’t worry Jerry, I’m sure you can get a job as one of Obamas’ speech writers, or, maybe as an anti-second amendment propagandist for DHS. Short of that, you should be able to get a TSA job molesting children and old women at our airports.

    Don’t go away hurt, just thanks for going away.

  15. Sean Hall says:

    I wish I could contact Mr. Tsai directly to say this to him alone, unfortunately I doubt he will get mail sent to the known address he had at recoil and I am not aware of a personal Facebook page.

    I have done my fair share of criticizing Recoil in the last few days and have contacted every advertiser I could get a hold of because of the inflammatory words used in your article. However, I never had a personal issue with you. I simply had an issue with you being in a position to speak for the gun community when you repeatedly expressed opinions that directly opposed the rights that, as gun owners, we hold most dear. I don’t doubt your sincerity when you say that you never meant any harm; however, the opinions you expressed can be very dangerous to our community. At a time when our community is already fraught with pressure brought on by a wave of very public shootings and fearing a looming UN sanction on our rights it is more important than ever that we do not allow someone who claims to be an ally to make such heinous statements that could help further erode our rights.

    I regret that some members of our community showed such flagrant disregard for you as a person. This was never about Jerry Tsai the man; this was about an editor for a gun magazine espousing anti-2nd amendment ideas. I think that you did the right thing in stepping down from the position as editor of Recoil. I truly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Again, I apologize profusely for the members of our community that showed an incredible lack of couth and verbally attacked you as person.

  16. jed says:

    I, for one, am disappointed to see you go. I don’t understand how you make a mistake in one paragraph out of 4 good issues and are obviously forced to resign. I don’t agree with what you wrote in that article, but I didn’t go and make the conclusion that you’d be responsible for the downfall of second ammendment rights.

  17. matt says:

    Four good issues so far, one bad paragraph and a man is forced to resign from his job… I’m a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment just like any one else, but raising enough hell, spewing derogatory insults and forcing a man to give up his job is selfish and stupid… A better choice of words could’ve been used in that article… But to treat it as the nail in the coffin to our rights as gun owners is absurd.

  18. Mark Buckley says:

    Jerry. I wish you the best. I believe your apology, and I understand what happened. I also understand why you should step down. While I agree with your judgement, I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I really liked the magazine, with the exception of that last issue’s story. I hope you land on your feet. Please, please, please do something to let the broader pro gun community know that you are “rehabilitated.” I understand that could get expensive, but in the long run, I believe it will end up being worth it. I liked what this magazine brought to the world of gun publications. Keep thinking big and make lightening strike twice in the same place.

  19. james d says:

    I understand that people are upset about a comment made,but get real people. did the govt say he’s right let’s get rid of all guns from our citizens. no they did not. mr. tsai you are a fool for stepping down. whats thet saying” people in glass houses should not throw stones. I guess no one has ever made a mistake!

  20. JSTustin says:

    As an individual who purchased a news stand copy of RECOIL’s first edition, (and subsequently became an annual electronic subscription to RECOIL) I too am very disappointed in the statement made by Jerry Tsai – RECOIL and completely agree with Sean Hall’s comments above.

    Jerry Tsai’s statement “This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting application” clearly shows the poison of the “Kalifornication” mentality.

    I am a Californian, and am a strict supporter of my 2A rights as an American to keep and bare arms.


    RECOIL… the “Maxim for the gun lifestyle” is great concept! The over all graphics and photos are awesome! The electronic copy is improving with each issue. Keep up the good work!

    However, there needs to be a balance.

    What’s missing?

    In my opinion…
    1) The pro’s perspective with a bit of reality mixed in.
    2) One guy can not do everything in the magazine… just briefly look at the pages of RECOIL. Too many tasks… too few quality people. As a leader… surround yourself with grade “A” team members, delegate and success will follow.

    In order to be successful, RECOIL absolutely needs to:
    1) Bring in a new editor.
    2) Add writers and contributors who know something about the weapons being written about in their magazine.
    3) Retain Jerry Tsai as a member of the RECOIL team.
    4) Continue with Jerry Tsai’s “bold and new” ideas for the gun lifestyle.

    In closing…

    I approached RECOIL Magazine (stopped by their Irvine, CA office, left a business card, left a voicemail and emailed Jerry Tsai) earlier this year with my resume in hand… to assist and contribute to their RECOIL team. I did this because… I believe in the cause and their unique approach. Jerry’s reply was in so many words, basically… Thanks; but, no thanks.

    In my opinion…

    What will expand RECOIL’s customer base and provide a recipe for years of success?

    Answer: Having contributors that have weapon and “gun life style” experience, (after all, that’s RECOIL’s “targeted customer”… Who would know that market than one of their own?) partnered up with quality writers, graphics, and photo team members.

    Wishing RECOIL and Jerry Tsai; best regards, and good luck in the future.

  21. Nick says:

    Mr. Tsai did what HAD to leave. There was no other option here. Google “Jim Zumbo”.

    That said, people like Jed don’t seem to understand the the power of ideas. It’s not just a simple “slip”. The very fact that Mr. Tsai doesn’t understand the words he printed is the issue.

    The IDEA that citizens should not be able to own a firearm due to the lack of some MADE UP “sporting purpose” is a failure to the understand the Second Amendment in its entirety. How can one be the editor of a Gun magazine if one does not even understand the very IDEA of the Second Amendment?

    If you think the Founders of our great country installed the Second Amendment for “sporting purposes”, you sir have failed as a American. Maybe you should try reading the Federalist Papers (start with #28, #29 and #46) before having an “opinion”.

    What’s even more offensive, that needs to be talked about at length, is HK’s constant disdain of civilian gun owners. It’s right up with Bill Ruger.

  22. Nick says:

    *correction – first line should say:

    “Mr. Tsai did what HAD to be done and that’s to leave.”

  23. Travis Thornton says:

    I just picked up your mag for the first time and wow what a great product,I am NOT shocked at the out cry of a few vocal “gun nuts”Its the world we live in these day extream nuts on both sides of the issue.You are just the latest to get burned.Any one with your tallent will be ok in the long run,keep your head up and your knife sharp….

  24. Scott M says:

    Well considering that CSGV and the Brady Campaign have already used your words to support their agenda I think your stepping down is a bit late. It would have been nice if you had thought about the meaning of the 2nd amendment before opening your pie hole or “quoting” HK. I for one don’t want CA gun laws spreading and you weren’t helping.

  25. Mitchell says:

    Perhaps Recoil Magazine should get familiar with modern RKBA jurisprudence, and have some people on staff who have some firearms training.

    That way instead of offering uninformed opinions, they may be in a position to offer factual information that is meaningful to the community they wish to reach.

    I’m all for Recoil Magazine going forward and being successful as a publication…but if it’s going to be Maxim with GUNZ!! – I’m not even interested in reading it in a book store, let alone buying a copy.

  26. Kelly says:

    I’m sorry to hear it Mr. Tsai. You have a great magazine and It’s a shame for you to have to take such drastic action for a few statements that may not reflect the views of some of your readers. I hope you can continue on in some fashion at RECOIL. Honestly, this is the only fresh take on a gun mag that I have seen in years. Good luck to you and God Bless.

  27. Mitnadev says:

    I am also sorry to see you go. Personally, I feel your comments were reasonable . There are extremists in all political parties, various rights movements, etc. Sadly, their vociferousness oftentimes does not speak for the “silent majority “. I love the magazine and hope to see it prosper. As a 60 year old northeast Democrat , I’m probably not your target demographic . But, I find your writing , reviews, and overall presentation speaks to me more than most, if not all, of the right wingnut red state gun magazines . Sorry to see you go. Whatever happened to the First Amendment? I guess for some, the 2A trumps it.

  28. Matt Gregg says:

    Well Jerry I might have felt sorry for you if you had owned up and accepted responsibility for your asinine comments instead of trying to pass it off on H&K. Now all I can say is good riddance.

    Maybe the Brady Center or the Million Mom March people will start a magazine and you could edit for them.

  29. Mike says:

    Thanks for taking responsibility for your comments in the article. I did disagree with the paragraph in question but I appreciate the actions you have taken to ENSURE the success of this magazine. Stepping up and and being accountable to right a wrong are exactly what a Man does.

    Luck in the future dude,

  30. jrt says:

    Good magazine….too bad its over
    I just can’t believe what you wrote about the MP7 being too dangerous for us regular folk

  31. SteveK says:

    Seems like an over reaction… This is a great magazine, one of my all time favorites. Best of luck, and congratulations for the success of Recoil…

  32. Charles says:

    Glad to see you go. I just became aware of this magazine and was about to get a subscription when I saw the article by Mr. Tsai. As a FFL/SOT who has lived the gun culture for the past 30 years I was enthusiastic about the possibilities of this magazine and I hated to see what could have been a great magazine crash and burn. Hopefully it can be salvaged by a good Gun writer like Jeff Zimba.

  33. Larry says:

    Jerry was unjustly treated and those who did not agree with his comments and would never return…guess what it seems those who said that they never would have came back….

  34. DanJ says:

    I admit that I didn’t buy RECOIL because of this issue. Now that the editor has stood down, I can in good conscience give it another look.

    Listen, I’m sorry some people wrote what was likely some insensitive things. But being an editor, I’m sure heknew that it’s part of the territory.

    All that being said, the apology doesn’t sound genuine. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like Tsai claims no responsibility for presenting “information passed on”. This is BS: the entire bit about hunting could have been presented in context or omitted altogether. Because the author held that authority and chose to present the information without context, it becomes his opinion, not “information passed”. Because he is the editor, it becomes the position of the magazine.

    At any rate, I’m glad the editor stepped down: there are consequences to poor decisions and it was the correct thing to do. Jerry won’t go hungry and it allows the magazine to distance itself from the incident and the stigma associated with gun control advocates.

  35. Jon R Phillips says:

    I thought Mr. Tsai’s comment was refreshing. Agree or disagree, I get very tired of the incessant hysteria from the far right on this issue. We can own AR’s and AKs, and with the right permit, fully automatic ones. Our freedom is not in jeopardy because we can’t buy MP 7s. I was actually planning on subscribing, but am not going to do so now that you have elected to run Mr. Tsai off to placate the loudest whiners.

  36. Florida Vic says:

    These posts are awful. The people on these posts are absolutely ridiculous. A man lost his job simply because you disagreed with his view, even after he made a public apology and retracted his statements. It is this attitude amongst the gun community which I believe only heightens gun scrutiny.

    To say that you will not buy a product from an advertiser in the magazine over this whole issue is stupid. Mitt Romney has an ad on this web site, are you going to vote for Obama instead?

    The people on these posts need to grow up. His comments were not an attack on your second amendment rights, rather they were one man’s opinion about a particular firearm. In no way were these comments directed towards an individual’s right to bear arms.

    To SIM, as long as you continue to produce a great product, as Jerry was doing prior to his “resignation”, I will continue to buy your magazine. For those of you who are concerned over attacks on your Second Amendment rights, do us all a favor, write a letter to your congressman and make sure you cast a ballot in November.

  37. Carlitos says:

    I suppose there are gun enthusiasts like me, that shrug when someone says something that I don’t agree with… and there are pussy crybaby gun enthusiasts that demand heads roll when someone says something they don’t agree to. Ah well. Great magazine, good stories. The editorials? THEY’RE OPINIONS. Everybody’s got one. STOP WHINING.

  38. Kerwin says:

    ‘Sorry to hear Mr. Tsai has stepped down as editor. I thought I had actually found a gun magazine that doesn’t scream “gun nut” when you read every article in it (very professional quality & content).

    Like Carlitos said, there are those who are level headed & broad minded… and there are the whiners. We’ve heard everyone loud and clear… So please, let’s move on.

    I’ll see what goes with the next issue. I just hope and pray to God (yes, I pray and have a God) that this doesn’t turn into an ultra-right wing “you’re a terrorist if you don’t agree with us” intimidation propaganda. I’m a free man and I can think for myself, thank you. Don’t need anyone to do that for me.

    Mr. Tsai, I wish you luck on future endeavors.

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